Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Jumpsuit: To Wear or Not To Wear...That Is The Question...

When The Jumpsuit hit the runways many fashionistas didn’t know whether to call this a fashion hit or miss. After much discussion, I think it is safe to say The Jumpsuit is a definite YES and has been replacing the ever so classic cocktail dress at parties all over the world. The great thing about The Jumpsuit is you don’t have to be 52 pounds soaking wet to pull it off. By following a few simple tricks girls all over the world will be able to rock The Jumpsuit.
DO: Wear a jumpsuit to a dinner party instead of a cocktail dress. As mentioned before, The Jumpsuit is the new cocktail dress, but with much more versatility. Paired with the right items your jumpsuit can be worn as day wear and as night wear.
DO: Pair your jumpsuit with a belt or a blazer if you’re not 100% comfortable in the piece. Wearing a belt or blazer can break up the look and keep you from looking like you had a flash back moment to toddler-hood.

DO: Pair your jumpsuit with FABULOUS accessories. If your jumpsuit is strapless pair it with some flashy, appropriately over the top earrings or try a chunky chain and bangles. No matter which direction you go on the accessory route, make sure all accessory pieces are complimentary to your ensemble.
DO: Keep the jumpsuit look funky and modern and wear jumpsuits in solid colors, sophisticated fabrics, and other appropriate styles.

DON’T: Do a head to toe pattern. Better yet, don’t do any pattern when wearing a jumpsuit. Think about it, would you wear a checked top and checked pants? Uh, NO! That’s like committing fashion suicide! Bury that awful combination as soon as possible and don’t ever let it rear it’s ugly head again…EVER!

DON’T: Purchase a jumpsuit that is not complimentary to your body shape or makes you feel self-conscious about the nagging lumps and bumps most women have. The jumpsuit you choose to rock should skim your body and make you feel sexy and sophisticated.
Still a little hesitant to rock the jumpsuit? Build your confidence by going to your local retailer and trying on a few in the dressing room. You’ll be amazed at how fabulous you’ll look. Once upon a time I thought the jumpsuit was not the look for me, but I stepped out on a limb, tried one on was surprisingly pleased. So come on ladies, be brave, be daring and try on The Jumpsuit.