Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ima Be, Ima Be, Ima Ima Ima Be...

Every season, every diva fashionista says one of the following statements:

"Ima get new clothes this season..."
"Ima wear this..."
"Ima wear that..."
"Ima try this..."
"Ima try that..."

This season try this...ACCESSORIZE! You don't always have to go out and get a whole new wardrobe each season. Truth be told, a lot of us can't afford to go out and get new wardrobes each season, at least I know I can't. So in the spirit of saving money, I'm going to help you ACCESSORIZE (using my Spartan, SUPASTAR voice...LOL!)

The 5 accessories each and every diva, fashionista, recessionista must have are: thin belts, long necklaces, statement earrings, embellished flat sandals, large handbag and sunglasses of course! Oops! it looksl ike I went a tad bit overboard and added one more must have, SUE ME! So now there are 6 items every diva, fashionista, recessionista must have to complete her look.

The Skinny Belt

I used to prefer wide belt, but only because it acted as a waist cincher when I couldn't find my trusty old Spanx and disguised all of my deliciousness (is that a word) and made me appear thin.  However during summer months, it's more appropriate, to me anyway, to wear a thinner belt with cute, colorful pieces. You can put your skinny belt over a cardigan (tres chic), t-shirts, button downs or whatever piece you choose to wear. Check Forever 21 for cheap skinny belts.

Long Necklaces

Long necklaces are EVERYWHERE! If you can't find one, email me at and I will hook you up with the latest long necklace finds for a great price. Long necklaces can be paired with more casual ensembles such as white v-neck t-shirts, button down and maxi dresses just to name a few.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings can dress up ANY outfit. Grab a pair of chandelier earrings or bohemian inspired earrings paired with a simple sundress or even a t-shirt. When wearing statement earrings, you must remember not to overdue your other accessories. If you're wearing statement earrings, most likely there is no need for a necklace and if you must wear arm jewelry, make sure it's simple and dainty. Your earrings are the focal point...keep it that way by simplifying everything else.  If you really want to show off your earrings, pull your hair back in a loose casual ponytail for day or a slick, tight ponytail to give yourself that evening, sophisticated look. If you have a shorter cropped cut, statement earrings are perfect for you!

Embellished Flat Sandals

A few years ago, I wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of flats. For me, it was three inch heels all day, everyday. But now that I'm older I've put my three inch heels on sabbatical and opted for the more comfortable embellished flat sandals. Embellished flat sandals give me the same pizazz as my three inch heels, but much more comfort. If you're going to go the embellished flat route, consider pairing your fabulously embellished shoes with a maxi dress, skinny jeans or even a tulip skirt. Whatever you do, let your shoes be the statement and the rest of your ensemble should remain simple.

Large Handbag

I absolutely love, love, LOVE my oversized handbags. Some people may complain and say that my bag takes up too much space, but I don't care. I've been told I have everything EXCEPT the kitchen sink in my purse. People can say what they want to say, but I'm going to continue carrying my big purse filled with junk, trash and snacks (I'm a big girl...sue me for having snacks if you wanna, but I'm not about to pass out from starvation)! If you dare to carry an oversized bag like me, try a bag in a bright color to make a statement. Try red, orange, turquoise, yellow or pink. I'm certain you'll be the talk of the town with your fabulously oversized handbag!

Oversized Sunglasses

One more accessory I love, love, LOVE is my oversized sunglasses. This accessory not only blocks the sun's rays and keeps me stylish; it serves as a shield for those not-so-beautiful days! When I'm feeling a little busted, I throw on my oversized Chanels and head out the door to conquer the world. If you don't have the funds to plunk down on the counter for a pair of Chanel's, stop by Forever 21 or WetSeal to get a pair of cute, oversized glasses for a fraction of the price.

Remember before you decide to revamp your wardrobe, think about these 6 Must Haves.

Thin Belt...check
Long Necklace...check, check
Statement Earrings...check, check, check
Embellished Sandals, Large Sunglasses, and Oversized Sunglasses...check, check, check

If you have all of those things, then you're ready to go. The only real thing missing is your Cosmo.

Good luck with your new personal styling venture and thanks for reading Pearlie's Fashion Passion.


Is BLACK the New Summer Hue?

Summer months tend to make people want to put away their dark colored clothes, black in particular, and bring out more fun, bright and flirty colors. According to the Pearlie's Fashion Passion 2010 Summer Fashion Report, you DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have to put your black clothing to rest for the summer months. Pearlie B and the rest of the fashion world says, BLACK is the new summer hue! Watch out yellow, pink, turquoise, and orange, BLACK is here for 2010 summer fashion.

If you're feeling like channeling your inner Coco, as in Coco Chanel that is, take a black sheath dress and pair it with cream colored accessories. Do this and you're sure to be a classy senstaion.

Feeling a tad bit Parisian? Did I hear you say, "Oui! Oui!" I think channel your inner Paris girl, take a solid black ensemble and  pair it with a colored fedora or wide brim hat, large framed sunglasses and call it a fashionably FABULOUS day!

However you choose to rock black during the summer months, it's key to remember the following (here's where my Environmental Engineer background comes out...LOL!):

1. Make sure your black is seasonal. Wearing a winter dress in the summer is not cute or fashion forward.

2. Make sure your black is breathable. I'd hate to see my beautiful diva fashionistas laid out on the pavement looking a hot, melted (LITERALLY!) mess.

Good luck rockin this new summer hue!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Eye C U (Eye See You, for my diva fashionistas on overload)...

Big Mama, Mama, Auntie, and older cousins and nem always told me less is MORE when it comes to make-up application. In my younger days, I don’t think that message hit as close to home as it probably should have. But nowadays, my thoughts have changed and anyone who knows me and knows make up knows less is definitely more for so many reasons.

Reason 1: You still want to be recognizable by your family and friends. If you wear so much make- up during the day time, that when people see you without your face on they don’t recognize you; that’s a MAJOR problem!

Reason 2: You don’t want to look like New York, Tiffany or whatever her name is from Flavor of Love and for my vanilla sistas, you do not want to run around town lookin like Tammy Faye Baker…both looks = not good looks!

I could probably go on and on about why less is best, but there isn’t enough space in the blogosphere for me to rant. So yeah, less is more, especially when it comes to eye make-up. Listed below are some tips on how to get sexy, glamorous, elegant, well defined, natural eye make. Don’t worry; it’s not as hard as you think.

First, apply a bone colored cream or powder eyeshadow over your entire lid. Personally, I prefer using a cream shadow, because it goes on super smooth, especially if you prime your lids. If you do not have a cream shadow, go ahead and use a powder eyeshadow, it works just as well.

Second, use a nude color shadow for the upper part of your lid, the area right under your eyebrows.

To define your eyes, the third thing you’ll need to do is take a gray eyeshadow and a brush to create a semi-smoky affect.

To finish off the look, apply eyeliner and mascara and you are READY TO GO!


*My Wi-Fi connection is acting up, so pictures will be added at a later date. Sorry for the inconvenience*

Monday, July 5, 2010

Who is KE Photography

7:56:29 p.m.:

Keshia: Hey girl, I’ll be there in 10 mins.

No reply from the fashionably late diva fashionista…well, I replied but it was at around 8:23 p.m. after another phone call and a text that read, “I’m here.” Clearly, I’ve got to work on my timeliness, but as I always say, ‘I’m a work in progress and some day I will be on time!” Once again, I was lucky Keshia was a tad hungry and needed to run down the street to grab a sandwich. Her hunger allowed me time to get into my house, clean up a little (the house is a wreck) and pull out a bottle of wine for us to pop on the patio.

Keshia arrives about ten minutes after I’ve blown threw my house like a tornado trying to straighten things up. Keshia stands five feet even (a tiny diva fashionistas) and has the most pleasant demeanor of anyone I’ve ever met. As soon as I open the door she says, “Hello!” and immediately starts praising my trashed apartment. I quickly divert her attention from the trash haven I call an apartment by offering her a glass of wine and shuffling her out to the patio so we can get to work.

Keshia, a 24 year old Wichita native and graduate of Wichita State University, is an up and coming free lance photographer. She just ventured into the photography world, but you can’t tell. Keshia has an incredible ability to catch the most amazing angles and make something out of nothing. It’s very hard to believe that she is just an amateur. With skills like this, you’d think Keshia would be a jerky, aloof photographer, but that’s clearly not the case. She’s the most humble and appreciative photographer I’ve met in a while and I’m so excited to work with her on projects in the near future.
So after a couple of sips of wine and a browse through Keshia’s portfolio on her Macbook we got down to business. Got down to who Keshia Ezerendu really is.

PFP: Okay so you were born in Wichita, but your parents are from where?
KE: Yeah, I was born in Wichita, but my parents are from Nigeria.

PFP: Cool…so how did you get into photography?
KE: Well, as a communications major at WSU I did a little photography work and I got interested, but it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I really got into it. Unfortunately, I was a college student and didn’t have the money to buy a good camera, so I just kind of let it fall to the wayside. When I got a job, I was able to buy a camera and now I’m able to take it a little more serious.

PFP: So your name is Keshia Ezerendu, does you photography business have a name?
KE: No, not yet…it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately

(Here’s where I throw in my ‘creative’ ‘genius’)

PFP: What about using your initials KE and calling it KE (pronounced key) Photography, then you can use a key as your logo. Good idea?
KE: Good idea, I like that.

(I think the business name was born here…whoop! whoop!)

PFP: There are a lot of freelance photographers out there, what sets you apart from the rest?
KE: Well, I’m new to the game, but I have noticed that a lot of photographers like to use a lot of digital enhancements. That’s all fine and good, but I’m more interested in shooting naturally…I guess you could say I’m a classic photographer…I like to catch people really looking like themselves. I also take a lot of pride in my work…if it looks bad, I’m not going to put it out, I’ll find something that looks better.

PFP: What or who is your major inspiration?
KE: One of my really good friends, Cherie (shout out to Cherie O) is the one that encouraged me to pursue photography. If it weren’t for her, I’d probably still just be talking about becoming a photographer.

PFP: Well Keshia, thank you so much for allowing me to take up your time this evening and I’m so excited to work with you this weekend and in the near future!
KE: Not a problem. I’m so excited.

Keshia doesn’t have her website up and running just yet, but it’s coming soon. For photoshoot opportunities, hit Keshia up on Facebook, Keshia Ezerendu or you can reach her via email at


Larkie Lu Bows...

For those of you that know me, and know me well you all know that I am ALWAYS late. I try my hardest to be on time, but for whatever reason it doesn’t always work out in my favor. With that being said, you can only imagine what I looked like by the time I arrived to the home of Gina and Greg Bish on a moderately warm Thursday evening in Wichita, KS.

I showed up about ten minutes late (thanks a lot Wichita ‘traffic’…using that term loosely), but I informed Gina the night before that I am known to run on ‘Nat Time’ she laughed and said, ‘We’ll just call it ‘Fashionably Late.’ Thank goodness God blessed Gina with a soft spot for people who are ALWAYS late. So like I was saying, I arrived ten minutes late, but that didn’t phase Gina one bit…she came to the door as pleasant as ever. Clad in a white knee length dress with small flower embroidery, piercing blue eyes, the cutest hair clip I’ve seen in quite a while, and a smile from one ear to the other (check the pics…aren’t the clips to die for?!). I knew right then that we’d get along just fine. She showed me the FABULOUS bows for the Larkie Lu for Pearlie B’s Collection and she showed me the Larkie Lu National Pan-Hellenic Council Collection (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated bow first piece of the collection, DUH?!) and I almost hit the floor! The bows were so cute that I threw my Jimmy Choo bag (sorry Choo-Choo) on the floor and grabbed the bows for further ‘inspection.’ Gina puts so much time, care and love into the bows and it’s so evident when you pick them up. The bows aren’t the flimsy, I hot glued all this together and tried to make it look cute type bows, these are the real deal!

After I gasped and swooned over the bows Gina then took me to the real star, Larkin Noelle! As a self-proclaimed diva fashionista, I gave Larkin the once over and she immediately got the Pearlie B. Seal of Approval for Diva of the Day. Decked in a pink, white, and turquoise striped shirt and of course, a Larkie Lu bow and piercing blue eyes to pull the look together Larkin was clearly ready to get this interview crackin. As I looked around Larkin’s room I could tell this room was created just for her, a bow-lovin-divalicious queen and I’m not kidding. Larkin’s room is covered with bows, chandeliers and all things cutesy that you don’t even notice the medical equipment in the room. Larkin, Gina and Greg Bish’s, four year old princess suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Down’s syndrome. For those of you that don’t know, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, SMA for short, is a motor neuron disease that affects the voluntary muscles that are used for activities such as crawling, walking, head and neck control and swallowing. Oddly, SMA is a relatively common ‘rare disorder’ (sounds weird right?); approximately 1 in 6000 babies born are affected, and about 1 in 40 people are genetic carriers. SMA affects muscles throughout the body, although the muscles close to the trunk of the body (i.e. shoulders, hips, and back) are often the most severely affected.

As a result of SMA, Larkin is unable to talk or move any part of her body by herself, but don’t fret… she is extremely happy! She loves books, music, movies, interview sessions with her big brother Colton, and pretty much anything else the family does to keep her occupied. It is clear to see that Larkin is well taken care of and the house has love spilling out of the roof. So after having fashion/bow chat with Larkin for a few minutes, watching Gina play super mom, decline the sale of an Xbox 360 and remote, and make daiquiris on the rocks all in one movement we finally got a chance to get down to the story of Larkie Lu Bows.

PFP: Gina, where are you from?

Gina: I’m from Wichita, KS, born and raised.

PFP: Prior to Larkie Lu Bows, what did you do for a living?

Gina: Prior to Larkie Lu Bows, I ran an in home daycare for 12 years and did a little catering on the side. I absolutely love to cook.

PFP: When did you start making bows?

Gina: I started making bows about 18 years ago, but not consistently. Larkin has an older sister, Tatum (20) and when she was younger I made bows for her. After people saw Tatum’s bows I started making bows for others upon request and used it as a supplemental income.

PFP: When did you start Larkie Lu Bows?

Gina: I started Larkie Lu Bows about 2.5 years ago and business has been pretty good since then.

PFP: There are a lot of bow makers out there, what makes yours better than the rest?

Gina: I don’t want to say my bows are better than the rest, because there are a lot of good bow makers out there. However, I will say that Larkie Lu Bows are good bows because a portion of each sale goes back to the SMA foundation, which finances research for children affected by SMA.

PFP: What’s a typical day like in the Bish house?

Gina: Well, we have a lot of nurses that come in and out on a pretty regular basis, so on days that we have a nurse coming in; we’re up at about 7:00 a.m. On days that we don’t have a nurse, we’re up whenever we feel like it and that’s usually around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. We have a lot of fun in this house…it’s always an adventure!

PFP: I know you have four other kids besides Larkin, how do you do it?

Gina: Yes, I have four other kids besides Larkin ages ranging from 22 to 4.5.


Gina: (chuckles) Yeah, I know. I have a son Skylar (age 22), daughter Tatum (20), son Stratton (19), another son Colton (9), and Larkin (4.5). We just make it work…we’re just like any other family, plus or minus a few things.

PFP: Well, it looks like you have it under control and run a pretty tight ship.

Gina: (giggles and offers me another daiquiri) she is DEFINITELY my kind of girl.

PFP: Well, Gina thanks so much for taking time with me, I can’t wait to see the new bows and I’m certain everyone in fashion blogosphere is just as excited.

Gina: Thanks so much!

The interview/visit with Gina did not end there, we continued to sit and chat and as I was chatting with Gina and Greg I realized what a fabulously wonderful family they are. Gina and I talked the fashion talk and she informed that she just made her first international sale…WHOOP! WHOOP! Greg and I talked about sports and the Big 12 break up (WHAT THE HECK NCAA?!)…talk about a well rounded family! This whole family gets Pearlie B’s Seal of Approval…clap, clap, bravo!

For more information on Larkie Lu Bows visit the website:

To see the Larkie Lu for Pearlie B’s collection and the National Pan-Hellenic Council collection visit: