Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hot Shoe Trends...FOR MEN!

A while ago my aunt and uncle came for a visit and we started discussing my blog. My aunt LOVED my blog...she's easily excitable and every time I talk about something I'm doing she emphatically screams, 'NATALIE DIANNE (that's my full government just in case you didn't know)! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!' That scream is usually followed by 19,000 kisses or a lonnnnnnnnnggggggg squeal if we're chatting over the phone. Either way it goes, she's a great supporter and I LOVE her a million times over (I LOVE YOU AUNT JEAN...if you're reading). After Aunt Jean, comes my uncle...Uncle John...he's the realist...he's also very proud of me, but if you didn't know him you might wonder, 'Is he really proud of her?' Uncle John asks the questions you don't want to answer and says the things you don't want to hear. I appreciate him, his questions and I especially appreciate the things he says that I don't particularly want to hear. So the day we were sitting in my mother's FABULOUSLY remodeled kitchen discussing my blog he said something I NEEDED to hear. In his James Earl Jones-esque voice he said, 'Natalie Dianne, tell me about this blog you have.' I started talking about the blog, but not with much enthusiasm, because I was wondering why this computer genius was asking about my fashion blog. So I gave him the run down and then he looked up from his 'smart folk book' (he's always reading something) and said, 'So you write about fashion for women.' I said, 'Yes.' He said, 'Why not write a few things for men?' I said, 'I don't know.' He said, 'Men read too ya know?' I said, 'I know.' Then we kind of just sat there and looked at each other. FINALLY, a light bulb went off in my head and I decided I'd start posting a blog here and there for the men folk. After all, where there are women, men will follow. Women are all over this blog, so I'm sure there are a few men readers out there who are tired of hearing about the latest trends in women's fashion. Despite the fact women RUN THIS MUTHA, I'm giving the men a place in the blog too. Here's to you, Uncle John and all the FASHIONISTOs! Enjoy photos of some of the hottest fall shoe trends for men.


Nike Air Vengeance

Alejandro Ingelmo 'Tron' Sneakers

Common Projects

Custom New Balance


Lanvin High Tops



Puma Classics

Studded Loubous...SN: My future husband will be so
stylish he'll ROCK a pair of shoes like this. #prayerful...#waiting! LOL!

Washed Chuck Taylor's...I LOVE a man in some Chucks...
something so cool about a man in Chucks

GIRLS...WE RUN THIS MUTHA! Just had to throw this clip in there!

Affiliate Program? What's An Affiliate Program?

As you guys know, this isn't usually my type of post, but with all the excitement going on in the wonderful world of Pearlie's Fashion Passion I thought it'd be worth my while to explain to you all what's going on. Sooo for the past few days those of you that are friends with me on FB ( or followers on Twitter (@PBLB08) you've seen me post statuses that read a lil something like this, 'GOT ANOTHER ONE! PBLB is now an affiliate of Chinese Laundry...Groupon...Perfumania...CODES UP SOON!' A lot of you have 'LIKED' the statuses, but I'm sure you don't even know why you're liking the statuses...perhaps you're just liking the statuses because you're my friend, whatever I'm doing seems cool or maybe you already know what an affiliate program and its awesome benefits. Whatever the case may be, I'm glad you 'LIKE' the status and I'm glad you're 'rockin with me' (LCJ, that's for you! LOL!)

As you all continue to 'rock with me' and share in these wonderful deals and offers I'll be posting to the blog I'd like to take a second to explain what an affiliate program is and how it works. Affiliate programs are a way for me to sell another company's products or services and receive a commission. I am 'selling' the products through advertisements posted on the blog and y'all get the goods through the advertised company. As an affiliate for Bijuju Accessories, Chinese Laundry, ULTA, e.l.f. cosmetics, Perfumania, Sally's Beauty Supply, and Groupon I will display the best deals and offers to all of you beautiful people. I know I've been slacking on my blogging here lately and for a minute I'm sure you guys thought I broke up with blogging, but my schedule has been CA-RAZY!!!! I promise to get back on my blogging because I have too many wonderful deals, offers, fashion and make-up tips to share with you FABULOUS diva fashionistas. Until next time, lovies!


12 SEXY Make-Up Trends for Fall...

The warm weather is in its last days, at least I'm hoping because I'm chomping at the bit to try some of these hot, new Fall make-up trends. If you're not that daring when it comes to your make-up, don't worry...there's something for EVERYBODY! If you get a chance to try out some of these looks, share them with me via Facebook ( you never know, I just MIGHT feature your look on the blog!


Dramatic Lashes as seen at the Lanvin Show

Floral Matte Lips as seen at the Ralpha Lauren Show

Flushed Cheeks as seen at the Oscar De La Renta Show

Glossy Lids as seen at the Donna Karan Show.
To achieve this look use a creamy shadow as the base and add Pro Clear Gloss if you're fancy or add
Vaseline if you're a FRUGALISTA like me...VOILA! You've got your glossy lid! :)

Glossy Peach lips as seen at the Giambattista Valli Show

Glowy Cheekbones as seen at the Balmain Show

Gold liner as seen on Kim Kardashian on some random red carpet.
To achieve this look sweep gold shadow across your lids, then apply
liquid gold liner to upper and lower lashline. BAM! You're done and lookin FABULOUS!

Smokey metallic eyes as seen at the Roberto Cavalli Show

Monochrome eyes and lips as seen at the Chloe Show

Smudgy black shadow as seen at the DVF Show

Strong brows as seen at the Alexander Wang Show

Wine Red lips as seen at the Gucci Show

Monday, August 15, 2011

I Broke Up With MAC...Did I Break Up With Blogging Too?!'s been a while since I've had an opportunity to blog (BAD BLOGGER?!) Things in my amazingly, wonderful world have been crazy busy, but that's how I like it. Hmmm...where should I start in the update of wonderful things...hmmm...this could get a little random (you guys know how I am...LOL!) So here I go with the updates for the fantastic world of Pearlie's Fashion Passion...

Not too long ago I posted an ad on Craig's List to solicit new customers (brave and dangerous all at the same time, but a business woman has got to do what a business woman has go to do...did that make sense?) Anyway, I posted an ad on Craig's List and I instantly got a million and one emails for private make-up application lessons (who woulda thunk people need make-up application lessons?!) As a result of the ad I have completed one make-up class (and she was a very satisfied customer), I have another this evening (8 students?! YOWZA!), a four week session with a lady and her friends, and a one-on-one consultation with a lady next week. My business is like, BOOM!

So mixed in with private lessons, I'm teaching a group class at Boston Recreation Center in Wichita. I'm super excited and nervous all at the same time. It's strange how you can be pretty good at something, but worried about how great of a teacher you'll be. We'll see how it goes...if the students come out looking like clowns, then we'll know I'm not a great teacher and I should stick to blogging and event work...LOL! :) The class at the rec center is for four weeks and I'm really excited to show people how easy make-up application can be and I'm even more excited to show them that you don't have to spend an ARM and a couple LEGS on make-up.

Next up, I set myself up with a Groupon Store...I haven't quite mastered it just yet, but as soon as I do I'll let all of you FABULOUS people know and you can enjoy some good quality make-up application time with yours truly (you're supposed to SMILE here)...While we're still on the topic of Groupon...guess who set themselves up to get into the Groupon rotation? Ummm...ME?! I haven't heard back from the folks at Groupon, but I hope to hear from them soon as that Groupon pops up I will be sure to let all of you lovelies know...

Hmmm...what else is going on?! Hmmm...oh yes, I'm in the process of building a website using this really cool program called Vagaro (or something like that) allows clients to book their own appointments via the web, distributes marketing information,'s getting real y'all...Pearlie B Enterprises (the umbrella company just in case you didn't know) is gettin official like a referee with a whistle! :)

What else...what much to tell...hmmm...oh yes, a couple of weeks ago, a good friend from college and fellow entrepreneur introduced me to some other SA-WEET (sorry...was having a moment) opportunities...I'll be guest blogging for The Special Invite and she also introduced me to another website that can help grow my business even more...I LOVE fellow entrepreneurs and friends who aren't afraid to share knowledge so we can all grow our beans (beans = money...come on folks...LOL!)

Last thing I can think of right now is I will be taking a blogging class in about a week and I am super pumped...the course is being taught by a multi-millionaire (too bad I can't think of his name right now) that has made a FORTUNE from blogging and being an affiliate to major brands in the retail world. I really can't give a lot of detail right now, but as soon as I finish my weekend course I will let my fellow bloggers know what's reason why we can't make a profit off our passion...that's what it's all about! LIVING through our LIVING (did y'all catch that? I was trying to be smart...if you didn't get it...let me know and I'll explain...:)

So yeah, my world is just a buzzing! I hope all of you are having as much fun and success as I'm having...Remember people, it's not fun if your friends can't have none...success that is...share the wealth!

Ciao Bellas!