Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hot Shoe Trends...FOR MEN!

A while ago my aunt and uncle came for a visit and we started discussing my blog. My aunt LOVED my blog...she's easily excitable and every time I talk about something I'm doing she emphatically screams, 'NATALIE DIANNE (that's my full government just in case you didn't know)! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!' That scream is usually followed by 19,000 kisses or a lonnnnnnnnnggggggg squeal if we're chatting over the phone. Either way it goes, she's a great supporter and I LOVE her a million times over (I LOVE YOU AUNT JEAN...if you're reading). After Aunt Jean, comes my uncle...Uncle John...he's the realist...he's also very proud of me, but if you didn't know him you might wonder, 'Is he really proud of her?' Uncle John asks the questions you don't want to answer and says the things you don't want to hear. I appreciate him, his questions and I especially appreciate the things he says that I don't particularly want to hear. So the day we were sitting in my mother's FABULOUSLY remodeled kitchen discussing my blog he said something I NEEDED to hear. In his James Earl Jones-esque voice he said, 'Natalie Dianne, tell me about this blog you have.' I started talking about the blog, but not with much enthusiasm, because I was wondering why this computer genius was asking about my fashion blog. So I gave him the run down and then he looked up from his 'smart folk book' (he's always reading something) and said, 'So you write about fashion for women.' I said, 'Yes.' He said, 'Why not write a few things for men?' I said, 'I don't know.' He said, 'Men read too ya know?' I said, 'I know.' Then we kind of just sat there and looked at each other. FINALLY, a light bulb went off in my head and I decided I'd start posting a blog here and there for the men folk. After all, where there are women, men will follow. Women are all over this blog, so I'm sure there are a few men readers out there who are tired of hearing about the latest trends in women's fashion. Despite the fact women RUN THIS MUTHA, I'm giving the men a place in the blog too. Here's to you, Uncle John and all the FASHIONISTOs! Enjoy photos of some of the hottest fall shoe trends for men.


Nike Air Vengeance

Alejandro Ingelmo 'Tron' Sneakers

Common Projects

Custom New Balance


Lanvin High Tops



Puma Classics

Studded Loubous...SN: My future husband will be so
stylish he'll ROCK a pair of shoes like this. #prayerful...#waiting! LOL!

Washed Chuck Taylor's...I LOVE a man in some Chucks...
something so cool about a man in Chucks

GIRLS...WE RUN THIS MUTHA! Just had to throw this clip in there!