Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Solange Knowles: S-O-L-O S-T-A-R...

January 2003 she dubbed herself Solo STAR, had an album with the same name and even penned a song about it. Now, fast forward nine years and she's definitely IT! Solange Knowles, Solo STAR, fashion icon, activist, independent beauty...I LOVE her style, her individuality, and her who cares I'm going to be me attitude. I'm especially loving this photo, the styling, the make-up...EVERYTHING! From one Houston chick to another, 'You betta work, Solange!'

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Friday, March 16, 2012


Hey Lovies!


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Fashionable Mommy...

Our favorite fashionista mommy, Beyonce, and fashionista baby, Blue Ivy made their way through Tribeca looking oh-so-FABULOUS.

Mommy clad in a nude blazer, super flat top sunglasses and Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats ( $660.00; leopard print no longer available). If you look carefully, you can see little Blue's foot poking out and it looks like she has on a cute little pair of flats too. Like mother like daughter. Work it out, ladies!

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Charlotte Olympia Flats: $660.00

Super Flat Top Glasses: $164.00 available at Karma Loop

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

February's Best Dressed According to Vogue...

Hey Lovies!

Pics of Vogue's best dressed list for February are shown below. How would you vote? Let me know!

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Emma Stone in Chanel Haute Couture

Alek Wek in Pinko, vintage Yves Saint Laurent shoes, Hermès scarf, Wek 1933 bag

Sofia Coppola in Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit, Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola Collection clutch, Yves Saint Laurent belt

Lily Donaldson in the streets of Milan

Dasha Zhukova in Céline vest and shirt, Miu Miu pants, Givenchy shoes and clutch

Tom Ford in welll...TOM FORD

Wendi Murdoch in Vintage Rodarte

Shailene Woodley in Christopher Kane top and Christian Louboutin shoes

Kate Bosworth in Prabal Gurung dress, Christian Dior clutch, Christian Louboutin shoes

Taylor Tomasi Hill in Equipment shirt, The Row pants, Michael Kors belt, Balenciaga shoes, Dezso by Sara Beltrán jewelry

Valentino: F2012 RTW Collection

If I was rich and weighed 57 lbs soaking wet, I'd be all over Valentino's Fall 2012 RTW Collection.

Check it out!

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Trend or Offend: Rock Brow

Straight off the Chanel runway, the Rock Brow. I know I said it's right off the runway, but I can guarantee you someone will be trying to wear this look on the sidewalk...just wait for it! If I catch someone, I'm snapping a pic and putting it on the blog...REAL TALK!

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Hello...Good Morning...

Good Morning!

QOTD (Question of the Day): Would you pay two million dollars for this Hermes Kelly bag? It's made of rose gold and diamonds?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

For The Fellas: Hottest Hip Hop Sneakers Of All Time...

Okay, so between my older brother and a nameless ex-boyfriend  who loved sneakers, I was pretty familiar with most of the shoes shown in the post. The shoes are not listed in any particular order....they're just there and they're simply stylish. Check it, Check it, Check it out y'all!

Ciao and see you at the TOP, lovies!

Adidas Superstars

Air Force Ones

Black/White Jordan Concords...I have always LOVED these shoes...considering getting a pair

Remember when my brother had some of these...I think he had almost ALL of these shoes shown in the post...#SPOILED

OG Gucci Sneakers...these babies hit for about $150.00 in 1986...not a lot to us now, but back then that was a GRIP!

OG Prada Sneakers...these replaced the OG Gucci...look how fancy these things are?!

Pumas or Clydes...these were made famous by Walt 'Clyde' Frazier

Reeboks...I had these in white when I was a little girl. My mom would put some slouch socks on me, tie them tight, hit the velcro and I was ready to roll. You couldn't tell me NOTHING with those shoes on.

Timberlands or Timbs as the New Yorkers call them...I had my first exposure to Timbs when my ex-bf, a New Yorker, asked for some for Christmas and his mom got him the wrong ones. That was the funniest thing ever. Thank goodness she made a quick recovery and got the right ones. I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with these shoes.

Black Cement IVs...very familiar with these shoes too...went on a wild goose chase looking for these for the said ex-bf...whooo! The things you do when you're in love...LOL!

EZ Yeezy...

Kanye West a.k.a The Louis Vuitton Don a.k.a. Ye a.k.a. Yeezy has a ready-to-wear line that is set to debut today for the second time. The first presentation of the line, which was about six months ago, did not sit too well with the fashion critics. The line was laden with lots of fur and feathers, all things that resemble West's own personal style.

While the jury is still out on the line, the models scheduled to walk in his show aren't really helping the cause too much either. Model, Jourdon Dunn, hit the social media pavement via Twitter and vented her disapproval of the line's $5,800.00 heels she will wear in the show. She tweeted:

'Don't get me wrong the shoes are s*xy as FAWK but you can't walk in them!'

I've been known to wear an uncomfortable shoe for fashion's sake, but I'm guessing if someone who is PAID to walk in uncomfortable shoes and clothes says that something is uncomfortable it really must be! 

The shoes Dunn is set to stomp the runway in are very pleasing to the eye and feature detailed embroidery and beading, but are unfortunately painful. Good news is Dunn is not alone in her complaint. Fellow model, Leomie Anderson backed up Dunn's claims by tweeting:

'omg the model who fit for his clothes said the shoes were so bad and he was cussin her *cries*'

So as of right now, the biggest complaint regarding Ye's fashion line is the discomfort of the shoes, but that's not something for him to get down about. In the world of beauty and fashion having shoes that look good, but feel terrible is often the sign of a good product (if that's the case all of my shoes are B-A-D as in BAD meaning GOOD). Famed shoe designer, Christian Louboutin is known for making painful shoes and matter-of-factly states, 'an act of discomfort pays off in a lot of ways.'

Welp, there you have it folks, beauty is pain and these models need to suck it up and walk it on out for Yeezy!

Good Luck at the show tonight, Ye!

Ciao and see you at the TOP, lovies!

Yeezy at Paris Fashion Week

THE CULPRITS...I think...I'll have to do a little more soon as I figure it out I will let you guys know

I'm About Tired of This Child...

Hey Lovies!

I generally try to keep it pretty positive on the blog, but there are a few things that have been on my nerves here lately. Actually, it's just one thing...well, not even a's actually a child...a celebrity child. The celebrity child that I'm about tired of is Willow Smith. I'm tired...I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired of this child. Everywhere I turn there she is...engaging in some kind of attention seeking foolery. I'm tired of her and I'm certain some you are tired of her as well. She's just been on TEN lately. First the BC (Big Chop), she cut her hair off...who cares?!'s hair, folks?! Then she dyed it...dyed it blonde...okay, I can get down with that (kinda sorta but not really)...but just the other day she really went off the deep end. She went from being on TEN to being on TWENTY! Willow Smith has dyed her hair GREEN. I'm hoping it's in honor of St. Patty's Day which makes her about one week early, but what does the calendar mean when you're young, rich and obnoxious? NOTHING and that's why our little friend has dyed her hair green. Check it out.

SN: In my mama's house, that's grounds for a whoopin! Dr. Reed don't play!

Ciao and see you at the TOP, lovies!

First she was blonde...

Now she's green...doesn't this picture remind you of some creepy Calvin Klein ad?

Celebrity FACE OFF...FOR REAL!

Alrighty, here it is...a REAL life celebrity FACE-OFF! NO! They are not fighting...we don't promote beefing on this's all LOVE hence the reason why I call you fabulous followers, LOVIES! All LOVE! Anyway, the FACE-OFF is all of our favorite and not-so favorite celebrities with their faces OFF! Don't worry...they don't look so bad you'll have to run for cover like you did when you were forced to witness Nicki Minaj's Illuminati probate show!

Ciao and see you at the TOP, lovies!

Halle Berry

Blue Ivy's Mama

Yikes! Katy Perry

Kelly Rowland...she looks GORGEOUS with or without make-up

Lauren London

Oprah Winfrey

The Queen

Rih Rih...