Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Favorite Pitbull In A Skirt: Eve

I've been a lover of Eve, Ruff Ryder's First Lady, The Pitbull In A Skirt, ever since she first hit the scene. I haven't always been a lover of her style (especially not when she first came out), but as she got BIGGER, she became more polished and refined and I LOVED her even more. Well, now she's back and I'm excited...she's back with a new look. It's very, ummm...Diana Ross, which screams DIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA to the max. I'm loving the new look...what do y'all think?

Ciao and see ya at the TOP, lovies!

Love the hair, but not sure what she's posing on...is that one of those little cat houses from TJ Maxx?
And is that a wig on the back of her couch?! Oh Eve...you are so REAL! LOVE IT!