Thursday, July 29, 2010

Is BLACK the New Summer Hue?

Summer months tend to make people want to put away their dark colored clothes, black in particular, and bring out more fun, bright and flirty colors. According to the Pearlie's Fashion Passion 2010 Summer Fashion Report, you DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have to put your black clothing to rest for the summer months. Pearlie B and the rest of the fashion world says, BLACK is the new summer hue! Watch out yellow, pink, turquoise, and orange, BLACK is here for 2010 summer fashion.

If you're feeling like channeling your inner Coco, as in Coco Chanel that is, take a black sheath dress and pair it with cream colored accessories. Do this and you're sure to be a classy senstaion.

Feeling a tad bit Parisian? Did I hear you say, "Oui! Oui!" I think channel your inner Paris girl, take a solid black ensemble and  pair it with a colored fedora or wide brim hat, large framed sunglasses and call it a fashionably FABULOUS day!

However you choose to rock black during the summer months, it's key to remember the following (here's where my Environmental Engineer background comes out...LOL!):

1. Make sure your black is seasonal. Wearing a winter dress in the summer is not cute or fashion forward.

2. Make sure your black is breathable. I'd hate to see my beautiful diva fashionistas laid out on the pavement looking a hot, melted (LITERALLY!) mess.

Good luck rockin this new summer hue!