Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love These Eyes...

Hello my beautiful Pearlie B's Fashionistas! It's a great day in the world of fashion and make up. Today's topic is achieving FAB-U-LOUS eyes. It looks a little difficult, but it's really quite simple. If you'd like to achieve this look, follow these simple steps and you'll be the BADDEST girl on the block!

1. Choose two shades: one cool and one warm. Try the ones shown in the photo or pinks and greens, mauves and yellows, greens and yellows, purples and pinks...there are a number of color combinations to choose from, so choose a combination that suits you best!

2. To make things easier, divide the lid into two parts. Put the lighter shade on the inner half of lid and the darker shade on the outer half.

3. Use the darker shade on the lower lash line, because it will frame the eyes better than the lighter shade.

4. Then blend the lighter shade onto the brow bone to increase luminosity.

5. Apply mascara, and voila! you're done!