Monday, December 28, 2009

Do The Naomi Campbell Walk...

I know there isn’t a woman in the world who hasn’t looked at Naomi Campbell’s legs and thought to themselves, ‘DANG! How can I get legs like that?!’ The critics will tell you genetics, gym junkies will tell you to do squats or some other debilitating exercise, but I’m here to tell you there’s a way to get great legs without all the pain, suffering and cursing your parents for giving you the stumpy leg gene. Now, they aren’t going to look like Naomi’s, but they’ll look good enough to get some looks from the opposite sex.

The key to getting fabulous legs is really simple…are you ready for the tip?! Here’s the tip: the key to having great looking legs is to unify the color of the knees and ankles with the rest of the skin. There are wonderful products available that will assist with this process. The key thing to do is combine each product to get the desired change.

One product is something that most of us already have in our make up bag: daily fluid foundation. The other product that will assist in the creation of fabulous legs is illuminating body moisturizer. If you don’t feel like going through all the trouble of mixing and rubbing on different products you could always opt to use MAC Skin Sheen Leg Spray. I’m a fan of the Mac Skin Sheen Leg Spray because it’s hassle free and makes my legs look FAB-U-LOUS! Using these products together will give you a great set of legs that will turn heads on a regular basis. So go head girl, ‘Do the Naomi Campbell walk, Naomi Campbell walk…walk across the stage and do the Naomi Campbell walk…’