Monday, December 28, 2009

Accessory Check 1-2, 1-2...

This season the inspirations for accessories are all over the place. On any given day you can see pieces that resemble fashions from the 80’s, tribal pieces, or pieces laden with precious stones that take you back to the aristocratic era of Marie Antoinette. This season oversized pieces and layered jewelry is used to grab the attention of everyone you come in contact with on a regular basis.

Although the recession is attacking fashionistas from all angles, it is imperative tht you understand FASHION knows no limitations. In order to keep up with the fashionistas in your inner circle, costume jewelry is the way to go. Wearing costume jewelry keeps you up to date all while keeping your pocketbook in check.

Maxi necklaces, extra-extra large rings with precious stones, extra long earrings and pendant earrings have been seen all over the catwalk and the sidewalk. Chunky gold jewelry is a must this season. If you don’t have any chunky gold jewelry I suggest you get some ASAP!

When wearing costume jewelry as an everyday accessory it’s important to maintain a look that can be taken seriously, but still pushes the envelope. When wearing flamboyant jewelry it’s important to make sure your accessories match your clothing. For example, during the day it’s wise to pair a chunky necklace with a strapless maxi dress. For a more polished evening look try pairing skinny pants or pleated pants with a sheer or plain top and a set of bangles or chunky bracelets encrusted with precious stones. Adding bangles and chunky bracelets to this ensemble will keep your outfit fun, but classy. One last look you may consider trying is pairing chunky earrings with tops or dresses that leave your shoulders bare. This look will not only look elegant, it will showcase your great shoulders and your fabulous jewelry.