Monday, December 28, 2009

Eyeliner is a MUST This Season...GET IT NOW!

Hello my beautiful Pearlie B’s Fashionistas! It’s another great day in the world of fashion and make up. Today’s topic is EYELINER! If you’ve never used eyeliner, now is the time. Different eyeliner styles and techniques are being displayed all over the catwalk, the silver screen and the streets. If you want to keep up with your fellow Pearlie B’s Fashionistas, you better get on the eyeliner train.

Eyeliner is by far one of the most misunderstood elements of make up application. Eyeliner can be used to shape and define your eyes after you’ve applied eye shadow and before applying mascara. Eyeliner draws attention to your eyes and helps them ‘pop’. There are a variety of eyeliner application techniques to complete your look. You can choose a soft stroke or a bold, dramatic line. No matter what look you choose, just know your look is not complete until you seal the deal with a little eyeliner.

Listed below are a few hottest trends in eyeliner application. Try one, try them all…

The Look: Cleopatra

Achieve The Look: To achieve the Cleopatra look, line your eyes at the top and bottom with a firm, definite line. To complete the look, join the two lines together at the outer corner and Voila! You’re done!

The Look: Cat Eyes

Achieve The Look: To achieve the Cat Eyes look, line along the upper lashes and extend the line out past the outer corner of the eyes and Meow! You’ve got a fierce cat eye!

The Look: Disco

Achieve The Look: To achieve the Disco look, line starting at the far inner corners and move outward, finishing with a little tail on the corner.

The Look: Retro

Achieve The Look: Thanks to Amy Winehouse the Retro look is coming back with a vengeance. To complete the Retro look just draw a thick line with a tail at the outer corners of the eyes, and you are done!