Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best I Ever Had: Which Mascara Is Best For YOU?

Make up counters, make up aisles and make up websites are inundated with all types of mascaras that promise to do several things to your eyelashes. Some promise to thicken, some promise to lengthen, some have a comb, while others have brushes or funny looking little brushes that look like medieval torture devices. No matter what it looks like, they all promise to do something...make you look fabulous. Today we are going to explore the wonderful world of mascara and decide what works best for you.

Eyelash Type I: Thick and Full Eyelashes

If the Eyelash Fairy blessed you with thick and full eyelashes going with a mascara that just adds color is probably the best route for you to take.

Eyelash Type II: Short Eyelashes

If you have short lashes and you want to add length the best route for you to take is to use a mascara that makes eyelashes appear longer. When using this type of mascara make sure the brush bristles are separated and the cream is light.

Eyelash Type III: Thin Eyelashes

If you have thin eyelashes the best route for you to follow is to select a mascara that has a brush with bristles that are very close together and a thicker cream. If brush bristles are spread too far apart the mascara will leave excess product on the lashes which causes clumping.

Pearlie Pointer:

There are two mascaras on the market that carry all of the aforementioned qualities. One is DiorShow by Christian Dior (this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite) and the other is Lash Queen from H. Rubinstein. Try one or try them both, I promise you'll be satisfied.