Monday, December 28, 2009

Blush Is A MUST...

All who know me well know that I love, LOVE, LOVE blush! It’s one of my favorite make-up accessories next to mascara. In my opinion, blush is the finishing touch to any make up job and it has the ability to transform you look with just one sweep of the brush. Blush can be worn with a full face or with a bare face, just to add a little color for those quick runs to the grocery store.

The key to making your blush look great is the technique. Technique is EVERYTHING when applying make up. If you use the wrong technique, your make up could end up looking a hot mess, a la Tammy Faye Baker. In addition to having good technique, good product and good tools are a must.

Blush application techniques are relatively simple and you don’t have to be a MAC artist to get it done. When applying blush, simply apply the product from the apple of your cheek towards the temple. Start the application by taking the blush outwards, then down and finally upwards.

If you’re a little more on the daring side, you could always channel your inner 80’s look and mark your cheek bones up with a toasted blush. It’s your call, there’s nothing wrong with being a little daring.

No matter your style, you must remember BLUSH is a MUST!

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