Monday, December 28, 2009

Did Somebody Say Mini-Dress?!?!

Hello, Pearlie B’s Fashionistas! It’s another great day in the world of fashion and make up. Today’s topic is the infamous MINI-DRESS!!!

This season hemlines and the temperature outside is creep, creep, CREEPIN on up and mini-dresses are the best way to combat the unbearable summer heat. All of the heavy weights in the fashion world have put their hope and faith into this itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny fashion phenomenon. The Heavy Weights (Dior, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Cavalli) have defined the silhouette, and respected the shape of this fashion hit, thus allowing for the rapid disposal of baby doll dresses we’ve all been guilty of wearing a time or two on a hot summer day.

With the mini-dress taking the fashion scene by storm, there’s no telling what you’ll see completing this oh-so fabulous look. The fashionistas of the world are hitting the catwalk and the pavement with a plethora of variations for the mini-dress. Any given day, you’re bound to see a fashionistas with a strapless, asymmetrical neckline, heavy, transparent and dare I say GEM STONE mini dress?!?! This season, it’s quite evident ANYTHING GOES!!!

In the past, the mini-dress was known as a relatively risqué piece if worn incorrectly, but this season femininity reigns supreme, so there’s no way you can go wrong. Are you ready to wear the mini-dress crown this season? If so, I suggest you get out, get your mini-dress, and strut your stuff!