Friday, May 27, 2011

Just Say NO To Shopping: Holiday Edition

Soooo...Memorial Weekend is this weekend...NO! I'm not going to MIAMI (BWAHHHHHH!!!!) NO! I'm not going to HOUSTON (sad face for days). Where will I be you might ask? I'll be in Wichita, KS doing absolutely nothing just the way I like it. As I mentioned in previous blogs this week, this weekend will be the FIRST weekend I do not have anything to do.

Soooo...since I don't have anything to do, I'm going to clean my house and then sit and stare at the wall for a while. If the weather permits I may go outside and enjoy the sun by the pool. I also think I'm going to do a little experimenting in the kitchen...I've got to make some cupcakes and I need to get some practice in on the decorating. i think I'll also take the time to finish some craft projects AND I'll FINALLY take some time to get my basement in order...I'd really like to start spending time down there.

As for this shopping thing...this weekend will be very difficult because EVERY store on Earth is having sales left and right. This will be a real test of my strength. I can DO IT! I THINK I'm almost done with my fast...I need to check the calendar to see where I started. If I started when I think I did, then I'm half way done. YESSSS!!! I think when I finish my fast, I will be some what cured. I mean, after all my 'jonesing' has been reduced to a minimum and there aren't too many things I MUST have. However, after chatting with a friend last night, she reminded me that K-Mart has some really cute threads and for relatively good prices. I guess I'll go 'window shopping' at K-Mart. I'll be sure to not try anything on or touch anything. It seems like as soon as I touch something in the store it ends up in my basket and on the counter.

So ladies, if there's a K-Mart in your area, check them out...they have TONS of FABULOUS maxis and other cute stuff...just for you!


This weekend you can find me in The DUB!

Happy Memorial Day
Shout out to the soldiers who keep me and the country safe on a
day to day basis! I SALUTE and APPRECIATE all that you do.
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