Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Say NO To Shopping: Day 3

It's Day 3 and I'm holding strong. I ALMOST had a break down at one of my favorite discount retailers, Burlington Coat Factory. I went into the store to pick up a few gifts, for a few special friends and my sister, for their special days which are coming up SOON! I walked in the door and lo and behold, all the FABULOSITY (not Baby Phat clothing) was at the front of the store! Spring dresses, bathing suits, and the store had the NERVE to move shoes to the front of the store...#TRIPPIN!

I was on the phone with my bestie and I was telling her about all the cute stuff I was seeing and she reminded me, 'No Shopping.' I respectfully complied and walked right to the area I needed to be to get the girl's gifts. I wish I could post pictures of the cute little gifts I got them, but I think a couple follow the blog or they read the blog on FB, so it'd probably be a bad idea to post their birthday gifts on the web before their actual birth dates. Nonetheless, I'm certain each person will LOVE their gift...after all, it is from ME! :)

In other news, great things are happening in MY world...

  • MOST IMPORTANT NEWS: I have made it three days with no urges to shop for myself.
  • Thursday is the first photo shoot for a project with MarKey Photography ( I will be doing the styling and the make-up for all 12 shoots. I can't remember the exact name of the project, but it's a modern take on saints. You know the saints: St. Valentine, St. Lucifer, St. Bernadette, Mary Magdalen, St. Scholastica, St. Benedictine and a few more. All in all there will be 12 shoots and I'm SUPER excited. If all goes well, the collection will be featured in Wichita's Final Friday exhibition...I've got my fingers crossed and you should too...MarKey Photography and I are doing BIG things!
  • I got my money back from the thieves who stole my card...JERKS!
  • I started photoblogging on a website called Chictopia ( My handle is HollyWoodlands, because I'm from THE Woodlands, TX...DUH?! :) I only have a couple of photos up right now, but expect MORE. It's the summer time and I'm about to change the game on my personal style...feeling a little eclectic...
  • A couple of my articles on fashion and beauty have been posted to the website Shout out to Aonya Barnett, one of my diva friends in Wichita who is doing AMAZING things!  
  • I've added a couple more items to my Wish List after I get off my shopping restriction...I'm hoping the long wait will make me not want the items once the restriction is lifted...we shall see...
I think that's about it my diva fashionistas! Expect a follow up blog on dressing right for your type...the next body type I'll blog about is The Boyish Body...

Oh! One more thing, shout out to my new followers: Paris Lipsey-Coley, Christina Sanders, and Jessica Lyon and THANKS to all the you all!


This is one of the photos I added to's from my
Evolution Of A Snob photo shoot with MarKey Photography. Tutu and headband
made by  your FAVORITE fashionista!

Another photo from my shoot with MarKey Photography added to if you don't mind me saying, my shoes were #FIERCE and they were
KILLIN my feet, but BEAUTY is pain...

I want some new Chanel glasses since I lost my old ones...

I want a lot of money...who doesn't?!

I want some nerd glasses