Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Say NO To Fashion...Man, I've Lost Count of The Days...

I'm on Day Whatever of my fast...I've completely lost count of the days. I guess I could go back and look at the blog I started on Day One, but I'm too tired to do it....ahhhh well. The good news is, I'm still going strong. I've had a couple of weak moments here and there, but I am not giving in.

To get over my weak moments, I've tried to coerce different friends to go shopping and let me one will allow me to watch them shop...#RUDE! Since no one will let me watch them shop, my good friend Teresa, is allowing me to shop for her. She's going on vacation/business trip (I think it's business...probably business...she's all about her business...check out her event planning business, The Special Invite @ or you can catch her blogging on and wants YOURS TRULY to pick out some cute outfits from the Pearlie B. Collection. I'm so excited because this might cure the jones I've been having in my bones. As soon as Teresa picks her items, I'll be sure to post them on the blog and Teresa, girl, make sure you take pics in your FABULOUS PBLB threads so EVERYONE can see. Also, for the rest of you diva/fashionistas/recessionistas that need a little styling assistance don't be afraid to contact me...I can help you out. I can work with what you already have in your closet, your big budget or your limited budget; we can thrift and garage sale until we find whatever you like. Remember, no task is too small or LARGE...I just want to work with you and make you feel like the beautiful diva you are!

Before I go, I'd like to give a shout out to Adaeze Okonkwo, a Pearlie's Fashion Passion follower. Adaeze and I have known each other for years...we used to bang it out on the basketball court...yes, DIVAS play basketball...anyway, Adaeze is a follower of the blog and has decided she too will go on a fast from shopping as soon as she buys some wooden wedges she's been dying to HAVE! (Gotta get that last purchase in before you go cold turkey)! Adaeze is going for the PLUNGE...are YOU willing to take the plunge and fast from shopping? If you are willing to take the PLUNGE, let me know and I'll assist you on your journey...Lord knows it's a hard road to recovery from Retail Addiction.

Until next time my beautiful diva/fashionistas/recessionistas and everything else in between!


Teresa Barrett of Special Invite

Check them out for your next event

Adaeze Okonkwo...thinking about taking
THE PLUNGE and those wooden wedges!