Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Say NO To Shopping Day: ???? IDK, I've Lost Count...Bye, Bye Luscious and Some Other Random Stuff...

Hello My Pretties!

I'm still on my Just Say NO To Shopping fast and even though I've forgotten the number of days I've been on the fast I'm still doing well. I think the withdrawal symptoms are starting to kick in, but I haven't given in just yet.

This weekend one of my friends was at the house and said that she was thinking about going to go get some new shoes and a few summer dresses. I had some other things to do that day, so I BEGGED her to not go, because I wanted to WATCH her make her purchases. If that's not sick, I don't know what is...BUT the good thing is...I haven't given in and surprisingly, I don't have anything I'm jonesing for at the moment which is a sign of progress! :)

So as usual, I had a super busy weekend...I got my haircut (Bye Bye, Luscious...y'all know I called my weave Luscious, right?!) on Friday and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I feel so cool, so edgy, so fun, so know...SOOOOOOO EVERYTHING! :) I did make-up for a wedding and the bride looked FANTASTIC (pics coming soon)! Hmmm...what else did I do? I went to a crazy fun reception...lots of food, lots of beverages and LOTS of people...if you've never been to a Nigerian wedding reception or a Nigerian party for that matter  you're REALLY missing out. They give new meaning to the phrase, "WE AIN'T LEAVIN TIL SIX IN DA MORNIN!' Sunday I got to rest, kinda sorta but not really...I went to an American Red Cross Volunteer Reception and got to meet some amazing people and I saw a HILARIOUS was a good Sunday.

To end my good Sunday I learned Manolo Blahnik will be designing for Target! If that's not a great way to end a Sunday, I don't know what is! I don't know the drop date, but I will be sure to keep you all posted! The day that line drops will be a monumetal day in fashion...ooooohhhhhh-weeeee...can't's gonna be EPIC!



Two of my FAVORITE Naija girls, Tope and Aramide at the Opara Reception...GOOD FUN!

Dear Mr. Blahnik,
I can't WAIT for you to come to Target.
Anxiously Waiting,
A Diva in Wichita

Farewell, Luscious...
I will remember you and if I miss you too much I will run to the beauty supply and buy 22 inches and put you right back where you belong...on MY HEAD! :)