Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Say NO To Shopping Day 8 (I think)...

Hello...I'm still on my fast and I think I'm on Day 8. I've been so busy these days I'm slowly losing track of the days, but I'm not LOSING the battle! As I've mentioned before, my busy schedule has prevented me from thinking about shopping and buying things I don't need. I'm doing pretty well and I'm shocking people left and right.

The other night I went to a graduation (SHOUT OUT TO THE 2011 Graduates) and I shared with one of my friends that I was on a shopping fast and she, like all the others, busted out laughing in my face. I just looked at her and said, "I'm doing quite well on this fast, thank you very much!" I think I've converted her and she is now a believer!

Since I started fasting, I have been blessed beyond measure...I'm getting tons of work for my personal business. Just last week I did hair for four different clients and make-up for a photo shoot (at that shoot I did make-up on a male model for the first time...Thanks, Marcus for challenging me). I also booked work for another photo shoot with another photographer (SHOUT OUT TO CHERIE O.) I'm so excited about working with her. This week I have an order for 20 tutus, 2 hair appointments, 4 faces for make-up, AND Deja Turner, entrepreneur, fashion designer, writer, diva extraordinaire JUST text me and asked me if she could take pics of my custom jewelry and do an interview. GREAT things are happening in my world...give up a little and get back a lot! I'm LOVIN IT!

Oh and I almost forgot! Ms. Leatrice, the nice lady I sit by at church, gave me a FABULOUS vintage ostrich clutch and some cute red peep toe pumps with a little bow on top AND she said she has some more shoes to give me! I'm soooo excited! Love that lady! :)

So yeah, like I's all good in my hood! As always, below are photos of the things I'm jonesing, but probably won't get, even AFTER my fast is over...I'm going to work with what I already have in the closet.


PS: One more thing...I PROMISE I'm going to post the Dress Right For Your Type: Plus Size Blog...I lost my notes! AHHHHHH!!!! As soon as I find the notes I will post the blog...I know you've been waiting! :)

American Apparel Body Suit...soooo HOT!

Deja Turner of VYZ follow her on Twitter: @visYOUlize and on Tumblr:

Forever 21 Lace Top...MUST HAVE!

Michael Kors Erin Ballet Flat

VYZ Vision Board

Photographer: Cherie O.

Marcus Genosky (