Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashionable Men of the 2011 NBA Finals

Here's another goodie for the ladies. I'm ALWAYS talking about women's fashion, but what about the fellas? I don't have any male followers that I know of, BUT maybe there's a few guys that secretly read my blog when it posts on FB or maybe they've found me and read the blog anonymously. Guys, no matter how you receive the blog I think I'm going to start doing a lil sumn, sumn for y'all. After all, there are a lot of fashionable guys out there that don't get the credit they deserve. I mean, look at Craig Sager (LOL!) I gave him a shout it's time for me to give a shout out to all the other fashionistos (again, a fashionisto is a boy fashionista...the 'o' makes it masculine...duh?! AGAIN).

In spirit of the 2011 NBA Finals, I picked out a few of the stars looking their best.



Reppin Texas FIRST is Dirk...
He's not really a fashionisto, but he cleaned up well
for this photo op and he's playing for a Texas team so I had to rep.

Another TEXAS player, J. Kidd...lookin nice Mr. Kidd

WHAT?! Another TEXAS PLAYER! J. Terry!
He's an AMAZING player and an AWESOME dad.
He coaches his daughter's 7th grade AAU team!

King James of the Miami Heat

Loving King James in the military inspired jacket

Mr. Rose, Mr. Rose...LOVIN you in this v-neck number
with the fashionable, yet holy rosary necklace.

MAVS represent...Shawn Marion

Tyson Chandler...LOVIN all the colors in this shirt!

Tyson Chandler and our oh-so dapper POTUS!

Alright now Mr. Wade!