Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Say NO To Shopping: Day 1 starts the first day of my Just Say NO To Shopping fast. So far so good, even though I am only in the 5th hour of day one. I shared with some of my friends that I'd be starting this fast and they all just kind of gave me a #blankstare...I had to reassure them that I was FULLY capable of not shopping for 30 days. After all, I did give up peanut M&M's for lent one time, so shopping shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Today shouldn't be such a difficult day since I had some low-down dirty thieves steal my debit card from the Kwik Shop on Douglas. Sure I was irresponsible and left it by the cappucino machine, but that does not give ANYONE the right to steal my card. If people knew the morning I had today, you'd understand why I forgot to pick up my debit card from the capuccino counter. Needless to say, the thieves had a good time shopping on my card. They got gas at the Kwik Shop, Quick Trip, groceries at Dillon's and to top it off they got themselves some drank from Dave's Liquor. I hope they have a good time, because they are going DOWN!

On a brighter note, the thieves kind of did me a favor, because I don't have a card and I can't I guess I'll salute the thieves and thank them for taking my card and preventing me from doing more damage than they've already done to my account. *Stands up from desk chair and salutes the thieves...NOT with the middle finger...get it together, crazies!*

Since I'll be banned from shopping for the next thirty days you all can expect witty blogs about how I ALMOST broke down and bought some shoes, a clutch, some earrings, a button, obscene amounts of blogs about things I want to buy when I get off suspension and other random things.



This is my 'I Can't Shop' sad face...