Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Was At The MET Ball Last Night...In My Head...

I had a dream I was at the MET Ball Gala in NYC last night. I had a dream I was sitting next to Jay-Z and Beyonce...had a cocktail with Kanye and complimented him on his good behavior and how I'm so proud that as of Tuesday, May 3rd, the night after the gala, he's still on green card and has two gold stars by his name. I told him if he kept up the good work I'd ask all of the media circuits to leave him alone when he has a behavior relapse. I had a dream I bumped into J. Lo at the dessert bar and asked her, "Mija (Spanish term of endearment...means, daughter) , what the hell are you wearing?!" Then I had a dream that I bumped into Serena and her awful hat and asked her, "Girl, didn't you know the Royal Wedding was last Friday? You can take that awful dress and hat off now?!" Just as I was about to tell Ginnifer Goodwin that I thought she looked FABULOUS I was rudely awakened by the alarms on both of my BlackBerries...I rolled over to find myself in bed, in Wichita, KS, with Bella, my diva dog, staring me in the face...that's when I knew...I was NOT at the MET Ball last night.

Since I wasn't at the MET Ball last night I decided to relive my dream this morning by posting photos of some of my favorites, least favorites and those that got lost somewhere in between.

Monday, May 2, 2011 may not have been MY night at the ball, but I guarantee you ONE day I will be at that ball and I'll be sure to let you all know about it!

Enjoy these flicks!

Photo Disclaimer: Please excuse the random placement...I got annoyed trying to arrange them so I quit! :(


SJP, I Heart Your Style...

Seriously, Mija?! Seriously?!

Melo and Lala...looking like NY royalty...LOVES IT!

Serena, the Royal Wedding was LAST week...YOU'RE LATE!

G. Goodwin...you lookin FIERCE GIRL!

Blake Lively, I may not watch Gossip Girl, but I LOVE your style...alright now, girl!

Gisele, girl you be killin em!

Okay, Kerry...I'm saying YES to the dress and NO to your hair...

Ms. Keri Baby, not really hittin my radar...sorry...

Hov, Bey, can't say I'm loving the look tonight...

Brooklyn Decker, effortless beauty...LOVE IT!

Loving 'Ye in Tory Burch and I'm really loving his good behavior!

Iman, girl you lookin like a Solid Gold dancer and I'm LOVIN it!
Lele, you never let me down...