Tuesday, November 1, 2011

They Did WHAT?! Crazy Beauty Routines Of The Rich and Famous...

Okay Lovies, I've been known to mix up a few things found around the house in an attempt to make a potent beauty product, but some of the things these celebs are doing to maintain their beauty and in some cases, their lack there of are just down right heinous. Take a peek at what some of Hollywood's biggest names are doing to preserve their sexy!

Enjoy and see ya at the TOP!


Self-proclaimed perfectionist and borderline OCD clean freak, Kim K.
waxes her forehead to get the PERFECT hairline. I know she's from L.A., but
where I'm from we call that an edge up...save yourself some dollars and hit the local
barber for an EDGE UP or better yet, get some bejeweled clippers and line yourself up...SHEESH!

Like MOST of us, Teri Hatcher enjoys a little vino from time to time. Matter of fact, she enjoys vino so much she bathes in it. This
Hollywood actress has been known to bathe in red wine to preserve her youthful look. I don't know about y'all, BUT
I'd rather drink some wine vs. bathing in it. I wonder if Teri smells like sour grapes? Just wondering...sorry!

I was shocked when I read what Mimi's beauty vice was...I actually thought it wasgoing to be something totally diva-fied (I know that's not a word) and random, but shockingly Mimi has an occasional normal (using that word loosely when describing Mimi) moment and her beauty secret is to add peppermint oil to her lipgloss to pump up her lips and give them more color. Alright now, Mimi...keep it normal girl!

Victoria, Victoria, Victoria...Our friend (she's my friend in my head...don't judge me)
and favorite fashionista, Victoria Beckham likes to use bird poop, YES! bird poop to maintain her youthful appearance.
Matter of fact, Victoria's bird poop of choice is the good ol nightingale. I'm not quite so sure when getting your
daily dose of bird shit to the face became the POSH thing to do, but go on girl...I GUESS!

The eternally weird and hit or miss beauty Nicole Kidman
(yes, I said it...sometimes I just don't see what everyone else sees in her and trust me, I have a very generous eye for beauty) pours cranberry juice in her hair to maintain its color. I wonder if she uses cran-strawberry juice to maintain the color...After all, her hair is STRAWBERRY blonde...bad joke...WOMP! WOMP! Sue me!

Now this right here, is a pretty cool beauty regimen. Lily Allen uses hypnotherapy to
trim off the pounds. This beauty regimen is truly the epitome of the phrase, 'Sleep It Off.' I might have to see if there are any hypnotherapist in the ICT area...I have a FABULOUS soiree to attend in December (The Crystal Ball) and I MUST look FAB in my vintage Filagree dress!

Okay, so I think our friend Eva (yes, another friend in my head) steals the Girl, You So Nasty Crown from our friend, Victoria with
this beauty regimen. Ms. Longoria uses placenta, yes I said, PLACENTA on her face to preserve her youthful look. I'm not sure that
it's in its 'purest' form, but it's still GA-ROSS to the say the least. But I guess you have to do what you have to do when you love to chase the youngins...Get your placenta on, Eva...DO YOU!

Julia Roberts, simple things for a simple, timeless, classic beauty. Julia
uses olive oil to keep her hands and cuticles smooth. Some times the simple things
are what keep us looking FAB!

GOT MILK? AND some WATER? Supermodel, Cindy Crawford does!
Cindy Crawford uses a milk and water combo to keep her skin hydrated at all times.
That's a pretty simple regimen too! See lovies, it doesn't take much to keep it cute!

Oh Gaga...sticky-icky-icky-icky...Leave it to
our favorite Little Monster to use conventional sticky tape
in the most unconventional way. Gaga removes her make-up by
using sticky tape. Weird, YES! Am I going to try it? MAYBE!

What does America's Sweetheart to keep her look? It's not what you'd expect, I'll tell you that! America's Sweetheart, Sandra Bullock uses hemorrhoid cream to remove dark circles and puffiness from around the eye area.

J. Lo? A sniffer? Jenny from the block carries a small vial of
grapefruit oil to sniff to suppress her appetite. So now you have the secret to how Max and Emme's mamacita keeps that svelte body.
*jumps up from computer and runs to get a GALLON of grapefuit oil to sniff ALL night long!*

What does Nahla's mama do to keep her body?
Nahla's mama adds ground coffee beans to her body scrub to get rid of cellulite.
Okay, Ms. Berry...I see you! Halle Mocha Berry Latte, anyone?

The SEVEN kid mama
(She has seven kids, right? I forget how many kids she has all I know is each one representssome country from the United Nations), Angelina Jolie, has been rumored to rub egss all over her body to keep stretch marks at bay...Ummm okay, Angie...I guess rubbing eggs all over your body coupled with jet-setting all over the world saving one third world nation at a time really does help keep stretch marks at bay...go on girl!