Monday, November 21, 2011

Tragedy and Triumph At The AMAs...

Hello Lovies, this post is a little late as the American Music Awards took place last night, but you know what they say...'better late than never.' Below you'll see some fashion tragedies, triumphs and some what in the world were you thinking looks!

Take a peek!

Enjoy and see ya at the TOP, lovies!


Adam Lambert channeling a little Houdini...ummm...okay?!

Katy Perry, I head about your Vivienne Westwood ensembe on Twitter and honestly,
you don't look as bad as everyone was saying.

Okay Ms. Patridge...cute dress, wrong least that's what I think...

Biebs, ever since that girl accused you of being her baby daddy you changed and I don't like it!
Please stick to one do and stop trying to be...well...who exactly are you trying to be?!

Chaka comment...

Heidi, I'm having mixed feelings about this Giles Deacon sheath...
I mean, I like it, but it may be a little too busy for me...

Is that Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Kidman or a Stepford Wife...I can't tell, but I kinda like it

Not really a fan of the skinny JHud, but I like her in this Jenny Pack dress and
she looks shockingly healthy and not ashy like she has been lately.
Go on JHud! Refreshed and renewed...I can dig it!

Had to get a close up of JHud's kicks...LOVE EM!

Okay, Ms. Lopez...we know you got rid of that skeleton from the movie
The Nightmare Before Christmas a.k.a Marc Anthony, but did you really
have to add insult to injury by wearing this smokin hot Zuhair Murad gown?

Luda, Luda, Luda...I like, I Like, I LIKE everything but the sideburns!

Very nice Matthew Morrison

Oh MJB, I see you channeling your inner guidette...
are you auditioning to be the newest member of Housewives of New Jersey?

Nicki, Nicki...No and NO! #thatisall

Fresh faced Sarah Hyland looks great in this fun Nikki Rich frock

Old Hollywood on a YOUNG actress...
Selena Gomez attempted to channel Old Hollywood with
the down to there plunging neckline and the up to there slit...
I'm not loving it...stick to what you know,, funky and youthful!

The SNITCH-utation Situation is definitely a miss with the fit
and the hair cut, but the one thing I will say I like is the bold pink!

T. Swift, as classic as always...Totally loving the Reem Acra gown and the barely
there fishbone braid...very cute!

Vanessa Minnillo, Girl's Nite Out or the AMAs?
Cute dress, wrong better.

Ooooooookkkkayyyyy, Wayne Brady.
You-looka-like a-Messa...#thatisall

Oh Xtina, you look like a little sausage casing in the bandage dress...
You should shoot your stylist!