Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello and Good Morning...

Good Morning Lovies!

I generally do not post music videos to the blog unless they directly correlate to some randomness I'm talking about, but today y''s a different day. I was perusing the web the other day and I came across Jill Scott's newest music video from her latest album, Light of the Sun, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and I couldn't help but post this video for your viewing pleasure. SN: The previous sentence was the ULTIMATE run-on, but I just had to get my point across with as little punctuation as possible...that's just how I feel about Jill, Paul and this song!

Anyway, I'm LOVING the video. Miss Jill Scott and Paul Wall (H-Town, whatitdobaby! <-- only a Texan, actually a HOUSTONIAN would know what that last phrase means...H-TOWN STAND UP!) are really doing their thing in the So Gone video. I'm TOTALLY loving Jill's look in this video...the red lips, animal print, side swept hair, embellished earrings... Miss Scott, YOU BETTA WORK HUNTY!

Then there's Mr. Paul, representing H-Town to the fullest...Paul Wall gets his sexy little H-Town thug on with the diamonds in the grill (SN: I am not a fan of conglomeration in the mouth unless it's braces, dentures, crowns...get my drift, but it's something about Paul's conglomeration that is oh so cool...I'm digressing...get back on track, Nat), tats ALL over and the infamous fitted cap...LOVES IT! Makes me feel like I'm at home...*clicks heels* and says out loud, "There's no place like H-Town, there's no place like H-Town.")

So ummm yeah, I've gushed about this video so I bet you want to see it if you haven't already, right? If so, click the link, enjoy, and if you're not a fan of Jill Scott and Paul Wall, you will be after watching this video.

Enjoy and see ya at the TOP, lovies!


L to R: Slim Thug, Baby Lando (my cute little nephew), Terrence (my brother) and Paul Wall BabyBaby Lando and Dad hangin with the stars...that's how we do! :)