Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chic and Easy Way To Store Make-Up Brushes

I'm a total make-up junkie and as a make-up junkie that means I have a lot of brushes. As a person with a lot of brushes that means I don't have a lot of space to display them...well, that was until I was perusing the web and found this cool little site, Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where people can go in and post things that they have created or found on the web. The site isn't just for the artsy craftsy people; it's for people who like to cook, people who like art, people who need help organizing or even just a little personal inspiration...basically, it's just a site for EVERYONE! Check it out when you get a chance, I know I was glad! After all, that's how I found this FABULOUS way to display my make-up brushes!

Enjoy and see you at the TOP, lovies!