Friday, November 4, 2011

Put A Little Salt Up In It...

Okay, guys know I LOVE salt just as much as the next person, maybe a little too much. I can't help it, it's in my mama loves salt, her daddy loved salt, her siblings love salt, so it's ONLY natural that I love salt too. BUT this time I'm not talking about adding salt to your food, I'm talking about adding salt to your beauty regimen! I know y'all are looking at this post and thinking to yourself, 'What has this crazy girl come up with now?!' To answer your question, if it was a question, I will say I'm not crazy and all the ways you can use Epsom salt in your beauty regimen are absolutely fantastic. Epsom salt can be used for more than nursing old sports injuries (YES! I played sports in high school and college...don't let the girly girl look, the make-up, the four inch heels and the barely there skirts fool you...I will post you up under the basket in a heart beat...LOL!).

Take a look at some of the AWESOME ways Epsom Salt can be added to your beauty regimen.

See you at the TOP, lovies!


Use Numero Uno: Body Scrub

Just add a spoonful of crused salts to your favorite body wash and create your own body exfoliator.

Use Numero Dos: Beach Hair

I know it's winter, but sometimes the winter weather gets you down. When the winter weather gets you down use a little Epsom salt and create beach hair. To make this mixture take a spoonful of salts, a few drops of olive oil, and 1/4 cup of water. Pour it into a spray bottle and spritz away.

Megan Fox and AMAZING beach hair

Use Numero Tres: Bruise Fader

Had a rough drunken night out? Hurt yourself in the gym? Just have random bruises that come out of nowhere? Never fear, Epsom salt is here! Add two cups of salt into your bath and soak. The minerals in the salt make dark marks fade faster.

I'd LOVE to soak in this luxurious bathtub
Calgon, take me away!