Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...

Hello Lovies and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I'm not really a big Halloween buff, but this year I did a little more Halloween-ing than I normally do. I attend two costume parties. One party I dressed as an 80's popstar and for whatever reason when I went out to a lounge wih my friends afterwards everyone thought that my costume was my outfit! I was like, this is a COSTUME, not my outfit! WHATEVER. The second party I attended I dressed as a rock concert groupie...tattoos, missing teeth and an AC/DC t-shirt with cut off shorts. I was truly dressed the part and I had a blast!

The other Halloween-ish experience I had occurred a few weeks ago when I was asked to do the make-up for a local artist, F.A. Mr. Bilingual, music video shoot. The concept for the video was AWESOME and I had a blast creating the looks for everyone in the video. Last night I received an email from Mr. Bilingual himself that had the finished product attached. I had an opportunity to watch the video and I must say I was truly AMAZED! Below, I've provided the link to the video. Click it, watch it and enjoy the music created by Mr. Bilingual and the make-up looks created by yours truly!

Have a great day lovies and be safe if you're hitting the trick or treat trail!

See ya at the TOP!


My 80's COSTUME that EVERYONE thought
was an OUTFIT! Aramide was a fairy (I think)!
Either way we look cute!

Welcome to Trailerhood! Me, Ronda, and her drunk baby!
Ronda and her hubby throw the BEST parties!
Love these wild and crazy people!

Norm and me...gotta love Norm's mullet!

L to R: Rhona, Me, and Bea (she made a surprise trip to the ICT for Trailerhood)

Norm, Ronda, and their Smirnoff Vodka drinkin baby!
Love these people!

The Aliens of  F.A. Mr. Bilingual's Music Video

The Aliens

The Aliens

Another alien before the shoot

The lead alien...

The music video by F.A. Mr. Bilingual