Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY Marble Nails...

Hey Lovies!

I can do a lot of things, but painting my nails is not one of them. For those of you that are adventurous and talented when it comes to polishing nails, this may be the post for you. Below I've shared the step by step process on how to achieve this hot new nail polish trend, MARBLE NAILS! Yup, I said it marble nails.

If you're brave and you give it a whirl, let me know by snapping a pic and sending it to me via email at and I'll post your pic on the blog and on my FB page. I look forward to seeing the designs you all come up with.

Good luck, enjoy annnnnddddd See ya at the TOP!


How to Achieve Marble Nails:

1. Apply a base coat to nails. The base coat will help the polish 'stick' to the nails and it helps with longevity.

2. Take out as many colors you want to create your design. Remember the marbling process is rather time consuming, so you may consider starting out with a limited number of colors until you get comfortable.

3. Fill a bowl you don't care about ruining with room temperature water. If the water is not room temperature, fill the bowl and leave it out for about an hour so that it gets to the correct temperature. The incorrect temperature could ruin your look.

4. Choose the first color polish you'd like to use and take out the wand. Do not try to remove the polish drop from the tip of the wand. Simply hold the wand over the bowl filled with water and let it drop. The drop will fall and quickly spread across the water's surface.

5. Do the same thing with the  other polishes you've chosen.

6. Continue to alternate the colors until desired color mixture is achieved.

7. Take a toothpick and divide the design into two separate parts.

8. Make as many lines in the design as you'd like.

9. When you've completed the design, dip your nail into the bowl and remove.

10. Repeat this step until all nails are completely covered with the marble design.

11. When your nails dry, carefully clean them with nail polish remover and add a top coat.

12. VOILA! You now have marble nails!

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