Monday, January 9, 2012

Who Ya Rootin For?

It’ almost game time, Alabama vs. LSU…who ya rootin for? I’m not really a fan of either team, but I guess I’ll go for LSU because I met some pretty cool LSU fans last year on a trip to Dallas ANNNNNNDDDDD…I’m a Tiger too, a TSU Tiger that is! Tigers stick together, duh?!

So the game is on Monday and everyone’s uber excited, but there’s one more thing football fans and music lovers should be excited about and that is the new music by Donald Stroy of On Dub Entertainment. This multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer is the mastermind behind the University of Alabama hype song, Roll Tide. The On D.U.B Boyz featuring D.Stroy and J. Stylez, bring the heat with this banger that gets even the most calm football fan up and ready to go bust some heads on the field.

Roll Tide is a step outside of the box for Stroy, his usual style more on the classical R&B, laced with a few catchy lyrics that will take you on a fantastic voyage. His ability to use words to paint pictures of the things the ‘everyday’ man goes through whether it’s relationships or everyday life will have you laughing, dancing, thinking, but most importantly…the music will leave you satisfied and entertained.

Before you get to hear the upbeat, Alabama Hype Song, let's get in a few words from the master himself on his personal style, his take on women's fashion and his words to live by.

PFP: So you know I'm a lover of all things fashion. I LOVE extravagant, over embellished things and I like the simple things too. What's your personal style?

Stroy:  My personal style is laid back with a nice pair of jeans and a fitted shirt. I don't like anything too big or tight but relaxed. I like all types of vests. Sometimes you can catch me wearing a vest and a nice shirt. Other times, depending on my mood I'll throw on a tie to switch it up a bit.

PFP: Do you have a staple piece?

Stroy: A hat. A hat is ALWAYS on me!

PFP: A lot of your songs are centered around love and where there's love there are women. What kind of styles do you prefer to see on women?

Stroy: Looks for women...hmmm...I LOVE a woman in a nice pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans and heels, that's the sexiest look to me.

PFP: Hear that ladies? Stroy LOVES skinny jeans and heels...*laughing* Okay, so what can we expect to hear from you and The On D.U.B Boyz in 2012?

Stroy: We're going to continue to take you on a musical journey of fun, serious situations, love, heart break and resiliency.

PFP: Okay, okay...I see we'll be taken on a rollercoaster ride full of good music. Alright, final you have any words to live by?

Stroy: My motto is to live everyday without regrets.

PFP: Alright, got a great peek of D. Stroy, the man behind the music of On D.U.B it's time to check out his hot single for the University of Alabama, Roll Tide!

Enjoy lovies and see ya at the TOP!