Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do They Have Style?

They're husbands are up against Barack Obama, but they are up against the Commander-in-Chic, Michelle Obama. Does their style match up to our First Lady? You decide...I'm not being biased, but y'all know I'm saying, NO!

Enjoy lovies and see ya at TOP!


1. Ann Romney brings "a soft look to Mitt" with her personal style, says Lauren. Or, as Ann put it, she allows Americans to see that Romney is the kind of guy who "actually does have his hair messed up most of the time." We'll believe it when we see it. (comments by Lauren Rotham of The Fashion Whip)

2. Mary Kaye Huntsman and her husband John are an incredibly well-dressed couple, making them "the political Kardashians." But Mary Kaye's uber preppy look could be a liability, warns Lauren. "Approachability is important." *In my opinion, Mrs. Hunstman is the closest to Mrs. Obama's style.* (comments by Lauren Rotham of The Fashion Whip)

3. Callista Gingrich, as we've said before, has an incredibly stylized look. "Sometimes it looks like she sort of walked out of Stepford," quips Lauren. (comments by Lauren Rotham of The Fashion Whip)

4. Carol Paul could use some gussying up and should add a touch of color to her wardrobe.
 *No comment from Pearlie's Fashion Passion on this look*
(comments by Lauren Rotham of The Fashion Whip)