Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Lady Of Fashion: Michelle Obama

I'm LONNNNGGG overdue for a post about our FABULOUS First Lady of Fashion. Eversince she hit the scene, the FLOTUS (First Lady of The United States) has had the internet going NUTS! Women of all races, shapes, and sizes rush to the internet to see what she's wearing now, what she's going to wear next, where they can get it and how they can wear it as FABULOUSLY as she did. In my opinion, Mrs. Obama's style has surpassed that of Jackie O. (don't get me wrong, Jackie O. was a fierce fashionista too) and she is very deserving of wearing the First Lady of Fashion crown. Mrs. Obama's ability to mix off the rack with high end makes her relatable to fashionistas of ALL income levels and that, my fashionistas, is why we LOVE her!

Whether she's hittin The Dougie with school kids, chillin with the fam or rubbing elbows with the Queen her fashion game is what?! ON POINT! FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, gets the official Pearlie's Fashion Passion Seal of Approval and LIFETIME SWAG PASS! Mrs. Obama, Pearlie's Fashion Passion LOVES you and your style!

Enjoy the photos of our FABULOUSLY, FIERCE FIRST LADY!

Ciao Bellas!

LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...the bow accent...


FOTUS in Maria Pinto...#FABULOUS!

Keeping it casual wit the family...

Lookin' Fresh and Hittin The Dougie...#REAL

Pretty in Pink/Peach...whatever the color, she looks great!

Even the FDOTUS (First Daughter of The United States) has style...#GotItFromHerMama

The Queen and the First Lady