Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Connect The Dots...La La La...Connect The Dots...La La La

Marc Jacobs
 Hello Lovies!

Polka dots are BACK and they're BACK with a VENGEANCE and begging for you to wear them!
Before I get into how you should wear your polka dot printed threads let me give you a little history on the fashion staple.

Picture this, it was Italy...(just kidding, I was having a Golden Girls Moment) Seriously the name, POLKA DOTS, originated from the twirly, whirly movements of the 1800's dance craze, the Polka. Because the Polka was such a hit across the U.S. major manufacturers cashed in on the fad and started manufacturing any and everything and attaching the name 'polka' to it. While there were many items with the word 'polka' attached to it (i.e. polka-hats and polka jackets) most disappeared with the fad of the actual polka dance and ONLY the polka dot fabric remained popular then and now.

Style Fact:  Some people associate polka dots with Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera, who used polka dots on most of her dresses during the late 80s and early 90s, as well as on the boxes of perfume Carolina Herrera, Herrera For Men, Aquaflore and Flore.

So like I mentioned before, polka dots are back and BEGGING you to rock them out. Not sure how to wear polka dots? Don't fret...I'm here to help and so are some of my designer friends in my head. Marc Jacobs and Lanvin have brought this retro look back with chic frocks and other amazingly beautiful pieces.

Can't afford Lanvin or Jacob's polka dot looks? Don't be ashamed, there are some economically friendly and equally as chic pieces available out there for us FRUGALISTAS! :)

Looking for ways to rock the dot? Try some of these tips below.
  • Pair your polka dots with stripes
  • Pair your polka dots with florals
  • Pair your polka dots with solids
  • Pair your polka dots jeans, a fun skirt or even leggings
  • Grab some polka dot socks
  • Polka dot clutch, shoes...whatever you like
There really isn't a right or wrong way to rock out polka dots...all that I ask is you have a great time expressing yourself in this retro trend!

Good luck, Lovies! See ya at the TOP!



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My girl Estelle...'Picture this, it was Italy...'