Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Building The Foundation...

Hello Lovies! As a lover of all things fashion and beauty, one of my biggest peeves is mismatched foundation. There isn't a day that goes by that I see someone that has fallen victim to mismatched foundation. You can go to the make-up counter at your local mall or enlist the help of a make-up artist to help you find the perfect foundation, but when time is of the essence and you have no time to enlist the pros you can use these tips to find your own foundation. Honestly, I prefer matching myself because sometimes the 'pros' aren't really PROS and end up putting you in a shade that's not even CLOSE to your natural skin tone. When it comes to foundation matching my motto is, the more you know the better you look. Actually, that kinda goes with everything. So this is your lesson for the day...The MORE you KNOW, the BETTER you LOOK! Good info if I don't mind saying so myself (toot, toot...).

So yeah, back to the subject at hand...finding the perfect foundation. Your BEST make-up foundation is the one that matches your skin perfectly. It should blend so well that you don't even look like you're wearing make-up. When you know the right tips and tricks to selecting the right foundation product and applying it, your entire complexion can have a subtle healthy glow. Make-up artists know how to mix custom foundations, so now it's your turn to learn.

First things first, ALWAYS match foundation in natural outdoor light. Then select the color that's closest to your skin tone.

After you've done the cheek swipe, swipe the same colors on your neck. Your BEST make-up foundation needs to closely match the color of your neck if you want it to look natural.
TIP: Natural make-up is a MUST at all times.

Lastly, determine which color of the three closely matches both your face and neck. Choose either the closest match or the darker one that matches your neck. This will be your base foundation and one you can customize if necessary.
TIP: Try a foundation with two colors in it. Mix together for a more natural look.

Good Luck, Lovies...Happy Mixing!

See ya at the TOP!