Monday, September 26, 2011

Rules Of The Rainbow...

Color blocking was a hot trend of the summer and lucky for all of us fashionistas, it's followed us into the fall. If you didn't understand the rules of blocking during the summer months, give it a whirl again and try it for the Fall season by following these quick and easy tips.

Rule of the Rainbow #1:
When color blocking, limit yourself to TWO prominent colors. Too many colors at one time may not be as easy on the eyes as you think.

Rule of the Rainbow #2:
Mix colors in the same family. Mixing colors of the same family gives a more flowing look. I'm not discouraging the mixing of clashing hues, but it can appear agressive if you know what I mean.

Rule of the Rainbow #3:
Wearing a neutral or monochromatic fit? Pump it up with color by wearing a fun shoe in a bright color or daring print.

Rule of the Rainbow #4:
Pastels are just for spring and summer anymore. Bring your pastels into fall and winter. Instead of sheer fabrics look for chunky sweaters in pastel colors and then block your heart away.

Rule of the Rainbow #5:
The rules of the rainbow aren't reserved for your wardrobe only! Your hair, make-up, and nails are also included.

If you're feeling a little funky, change your hair color. I don't recommend doing this at home, but you can if you're brave. If you're not brave, take a trip to your local salon and ask your stylist which color or colors will look best for you.

Add a pop of color here and there to your make-up regimen. Try colors like a sexy red, tantalizing tangerine or if you're really daring try a purple lip.

Don't forget your nails...this season pretty much any color goes (except for neons...they're a little too summery for the fall).

Last thing you can POP is your shoes! Any fantastically, fabulous, colored shoe will work!

Make it work, lovies! Color's for EVERYBODY!

Good luck, Lovies! See ya at the TOP!

Color Blocking by Gucci

Color Blocking on the Catwalk