Saturday, October 6, 2012

Is BIG The New Black...

Every year there's an IT color in the wonderful world of fashion. I've heard about so many IT colors for this season, I'm over it. I made an executive decision for myself (because I'm the BOSS) that I'd wear whatever the hell color I want this season, despite the fact it may or may not be the IT color of the season. After all, what fun is it to run around looking like everyone else?! So if y'all see me around and I have on what you think may be outdated colors don't say anything...I'm not trying to hear it...LOL! I kid, I kid, but seriously y'all...I'm doing me...

So lovies, since it seems as though we can't decide on a color for the season let's talk accessories. Do you lovies think it's safe to say BIG accessories are the new black? All over the runways BIG accessories have been spotted EVERYWHERE! From Karl Lagerfeld's hula hoop inspired Chanel bag to BIG watches BIG necklaces; BIG is everywhere and guess what?! I LOVE IT!

Check out some of the hottest BIG accessory trends on the scene!

Enjoy lovies and see ya at the TOP!


Jumbo Bloom

Oversized Handbag

Vintage La Mer

Jumbo Statement Necklace

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Satchel