Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Food For Thought: Success

Yikes, Lovies! It's the fifth day of September and I haven't blessed your email inboxes or the web with ANYTHING! Shame on me! I hope you all had a GREAT holiday weekend, I know I did. I spent the weekend 'chillaxin' (that's Chillin + Relaxin = chillaxin) on my couch, working on some projects for a GREAT event I have coming up with some of my Wichita gal pals, thinking of outfits to put together for my new Twitter friend @MyDearElle's Blogger Icon Series (it's going to be FIRE y'all), and a ton of other things that I can't seem to remember (I guess that means I had a lot of fun or I slept a lot...I think it's a combo of the two)!

Anyway lovies, I'm in the process of putting together some great posts and I'm certain you'll enjoy EVERY single one. I will be focusing on Fall Fashion, Fashion Week events,  Make-up Tips, Celebrity interviews (yes, y'all I'm coming up in the world!) and a host of other fun and exciting things! So as I work on these projects, I need y'all to bear with me. I'm in the process of drawing my road map to the TOP! Check out this picture of 'Success''s not as simple as it seems! :)

Ciao lovies and see ya at the TOP!