Friday, August 24, 2012

Brass Knuckles Anyone?

Hey Lovies! If I'm not mistaken, brass knuckles are  weapon, right? If they are considered a weapon it must only be in the world of the fashionably challenged. Here lately, brass knuckles have been popping up everywhere thanks to the innovative, avant garde fashions created by none other than Mr. McQueen.

Mr. McQueen, as in THE Alexander McQueen, introduced us to the wonderful world of brass knuckles a while ago by way of this FABULOUS little clutch and the trend took off like no other.

Alexander McQueen Clutch
Not sure of the price on this one, but the suggested price for a couple was starting at $2000.
So yeah, after reading the caption below the picture I'm sure you guys are like, 'What The What?!' Because seriously, lovies...who has TWO G's (that's two-thousand dollars for the slang challenged...LOL) to drop on a wee-little clutch? *looks around and shouts, 'NOT ME!'* That little clutch is worth a down payment on a car, cash out for car if you're interested in a hoo-doo (that's a raggedy car for the slang lovies are getting a lot of lessons today...lessons in fashion and slang...LOL), and in my case a couple months of rent! Anyway, I'm no celeb (YET!) and I'm not Diddy's boo Cassie (see photo below) so I don't have a brass knuckle clutch made by THE Alexander McQueen, BUT what I am is a resourceful, diva fashionista on a dime and I was able to find a great brass knuckle clutch for myself and for all of you LOVELY fashionistas.

Diddy's Boo, Cassie
For $55.00 you can be IN on the TREND and even have money to SPEND (look y'all...I'm rhyming...I'm a poet and didn't know it) by purchasing your clutch via Pearlie B's Lounge and Boutique! For more information on this clutch, please email

See lovies, I'm getting you IN on the TREND and saving you some money AT THE SAME TIME and IN.THAT.ORDER! (Shout out to Mama Scrappy and Future for those one liners...LOL...)!

Available by contacting Pearlie B's Lounge and Boutique via email at
Price: $50.00
Available Colors: Black, Tan, Red, Silver