Thursday, July 12, 2012

Relaxed and Fabulous: There's Something About This Look...

There's something about this look that really caught my attention. I'm not sure if it's the bright colors or the intentional mix of relaxed (see baseball cap and cropped sweatwhirt) and fabulous (see sunglasses, fabulous clutch, date book, and AWESOME pumps). Either way it goes, I like it...I'm considering rocking it, but I have one weave is gigantic and so is my head...I have no idea how I will fit all this hair and all this head under a baseball cap...I'll have to practice and see what I can come up with! LOL!

Is this a yea or a nay in your book, lovies? Post a comment, let me know! Don't forget share the blog link with a friend...they'll be glad you did and so will I!

Ciao lovies and see ya at the TOP!