Thursday, July 12, 2012

For The Fellas: More Cool Fashion

Hey Lovies!

There's nothing like a well dressed man, so I'm keeping to my word and providing cool fashion for the fellas.

Take a look at the pics below...share em with your man, encourage him to spice up his style. If you're like me and have no man, look at these pictures and pray that your future man is as stylish as you are and will have no problem rockin' some of these looks.

Ciao lovies and see ya at the TOP!


I love, Love, LOVE this look...Nothing like a man in a nice shirt, nice blazer and a nice pair of jeans...AMEN!

For those Saturday outings or laid back Sundays. I see so many amazing outfits in my head...These shoes are soooo versatile. Hello, God? It's Me, Natalie...Send me a cool dude with great fashion sense and a good heart and all that other good stuff! :)

All of these looks are GREAT to me!

Hey! Need some help? Grab this book! :)

I'm loving it all, even the tattoos...I have a thing for tattoos...don't ask me why. LOL! :)

Hermes for Vans Collaboration...I can dig it...High-end meets Skater. LOVES IT! :)