Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fashion and Stuff I Saw and LIKED...

Hey Lovies!

It's Sunday...I don't do much on Sundays except for go to church, come home, cook and watch Redbox movies until it's time for me to hit up J's for $1 Hollas or watch football. SN: I can't wait for football to start...GO TEXANS!

Anyway, I don't really feel like doing much writing today, so this post is straight pictures. Pictures of stuff I saw on the web that I liked. Hopefully, you'll enjoy some of these things too...

Ciao lovies and see ya at the TOP!

Love this swimsuit...not so sure that I'd swim in it, but I like it nonetheless

LOVE her look!

Nothing like a blue eyed baby in a head wrap!

Not sure if this is the same diner that I visit when I'm in SoBe, but it sure looks like it..
Even if it's not it makes me think of SoBe and how much I miss it!

Love the pastel colors...

Love this look...might do something like this real soon...

Kind of reminds me of my downtown loft...then I moved to suburbia.

She is too much! Too cute!

Mixed patterns; stripes and florals and a fabulous bag...can't beat it!


EVERY girl needs at least ONE Louis...So glad I have THREE!

LOVING her orange lipstick!

So Chill...LOVE the handbag!

Charlotte Olympia pumps, I think...can't remember, but I what I do know is I like these shoes!

YES to ALL the colors!

Love me some maxi dresses!

LOVING her complexion...GORGEOUS!

Hermes Cuff

La Mer Double Wrap watch

Christian Louboutin

Color Blocked Pocket Book

Cool suit with a pop of color in the shoe department. Love a man with style!