Friday, June 22, 2012

Quick Summer Make-Up...

I think I may have shared this with you lovies in a previous post, but I thought it'd be worth my while to share it again. I mean, you can NEVER have too many fashion and beauty reminders, right? So yeah, here's a make-up quickie you'll definitely want to try.

It's pretty warm out, or at least it is where I live and if there's one thing I don't really care to do is where make-up in the heat of the day. Unfortunately, as a freelance make-up artist I can't run around town looking like who did what and why so I have to come up with some quick fixes. My latest quick fix has been wearing minimal foundation and doing one sweep of color on my eyes, checks and lips. The easiest and lightest way to get this done is to use colored eyeliner on your eyes. One sweep of color will work wonders! Take a look at the trend TONS of celebrities are rocking this summer. It's not hard, it's easy to don't be scurrrrreeeeddd...give it a whirl. I promise you'll be glad you did.

If you're a little unsure of how to achieve the look, don't fret! I'll post a photo tutorial.

Ciao lovies and see ya at the TOP!


Nia Long with a sweep of purple on the lower lashline...the purple really brings out her brown eyes and I LOVE the nude lips. Leona Lewis is rocking a green liner on her lower lashline with a fierce pink lip...LOVES IT!

My girl Solange...Solo-Star...Fashionista...This H-Town beauty is rocking a green liner on the lower lashline and a golden yellow color on the inner corners of her eye...LOVE this look and it's soooo EASY!

Garcelle has opted to use black liner on the tops and bottom of eyes and to give a more dramatic effect it appears as though she's smudged it for a Imperfect Perfect look. LOVES IT!

My Girl Jill, Love the blue/green liner on the lower lashline with a light smoky touch in the corner. As far as I'm concerned Ms. Scott can do no wrong. PS: Check out that flawless skin...Can we say, JELLY?! BTW, Jelly is short for JEALOUS...for those of you that might not have known. :)