Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pattern Mixing: Yea or Nay?

Hey Lovies! When a trend hits the scene, people get all CRAZY with it. The latest trend is pattern mixing. Pattern mixing is when a fashionista mixes different patterns that don't traditionally 'match'.

I like the trend in moderation. I've been known to wear nautical stripes and leopard or snake print ballerina flats. I've also been known to wear polka dots and stripes and vertical stripes with horizontal stripes. Really, my pattern mixing depends on my mood. If I'm feeling wild, I'll mix up some stuff...if I'm feeling relaxed, I'll keep it simple.

Take a look at this pic and let me know. Yea or Nay to this pattern mixing combo. For me, I'm going to have to say Yea...I don't know why...I just kinda like the 'off' combo.

Enjoy and see ya at the TOP!