Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld and Diet Coke?

Hey Lovies!

Clearly I'm about six months late with this one (BAD FASHIONISTA, BAD FASHIONISTA!), but who cares? You know my motto is better late than never. So yeah, ummm style master Karl Lagerfeld paid homage to his favorite beverage, Diet Coke, this past summer (June to be exact) with the creation of limited edition bottles. The bottles dubbed the "Love It Light" collection features Lagerfeld's low-ponied silhouette and ever-so recognizable profile. Each bottle was sold individually with a prism shaped collectors' box for as long as supplies lasted and I'm guessing supplies did not last too long...I mean come on, it's THE KAISER!  

I know you're wondering why the Kaiser chose to pay homage to DC, don't worry I was wondering the same thing too and after much investigation I learned in 2001 Mr. Lagerfeld shed about 90 some odd pounds by going on a diet that consisted of stewed veggies and Diet Coke...ummm okay?!

While Pearlie's Fashion Passion does not endorse the Kaiser's weight loss method, we do endorse the FABULOUS little bottle collection he created! Take a look at the pic for yourself.

Enjoy and see you at the TOP, lovies!