Friday, December 9, 2011

Holiday Chic Look #2: The Work Party

Sooooo tonight was supposed to be my opportunity to debut my office holiday party look, but those plans came to a screeching halt when I got to the mall, realized I lost my debit card and could not get a wax. I was devastated. My brother, Bubby (that's not really his government name...LOL), invited me to go to his company holiday party as I was on the road from Kansas and of course I accepted the invite. Being the true diva, fashionista that I am I had an outfit in the trunk of my car...I'm like a Girl Scout when it comes to outfits, 'Always prepared.' So yeah, I was ready to black tiered ruffle skirt and deep v-neck, puffy sleeved 3/4 length shirt, suede ankle booties and accessories were RET TA GO! I'm sad I didn't get to show my brother's office pals, how I get down when it comes to fashion...*le sigh*

Anyway, enough about me...this post is about YOU and how you should dress for your company's holiday party. The first thing you need to remember is that just because it's the office party, you don't have to dress all stuffy. To play it safe at the office party it's a good idea to keep it relatively conservative. But just because you're keeping it conservative, it doesn't mean you have to be boring. You can still bust out your favorite LBD, but just make sure it's not your freakum LBD. An appropriate LBD for your company's holiday party can have lace or a little tulle. If you really want to snazz up your office party look, rock a red or gold dress. If you rock a red or gold dress, I'm certain you will be the talk of the office party in a good way...not the 'Did you see Susie hook up with Joe at the punch bowl?' type way.

Give this look a whirl, lovies. As always, I've provided photos below.

Enjoy and see ya at the TOP!


Love the Kardashians in their LBDs...especially love Khloe with the nude shoes!

Lovin the lace...

You betta work that red!

So many reds in so many ways...

Get it in GOLD...

This is a little short for the office party, but I LOVE the detail