Monday, June 6, 2011

Multi-Colored Nails: Do or Don't?

Everyone is doing it...Lauren Conrad, J. Hudson, and even Kingston (Gwen Stefani's son...which is a whole different story I'm not too sure about...Everyone rides Angelina about Shiloh looking like a boy, but what about Kingston with polished nails looking like a girl? SMH...anyway...digressing...). Multi-colored nails are the IN thing this summer...I even jumped on the bandwagon!

To achieve the look on your own or if you want to instruct your manicurist on how to achieve the look follow the simple tips shown below.

Go for BOLD: mix bright colors. Steer clear of pastels; pastels can appear childish.

Consider Glitter: A shimmery silver or sparkly clear polish will complement any shade from nude to red or blue. Suble glitter is a great way to accent a dark color. If you're really daring try the crackle polish by OPI. I haven't tried it just yet, but I've seen pics and I LOVE it!

Make your neon POP: Pair a neon colored polish with a textured nail polish. The textured color will balance out the neon shade.

Pay Attention to Detail: Let your ring finger or index finger sport the different hue. Be sure to keep your nails short and round so you can maintain a classy look.

Good luck!


My newly polished nails...clearly I took this picture at my desk..