Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Hmmm...I guess you could say I'm in an Oprah kind of mood...LOL! As you all know I went to The Make-Up Show in Chicago this past weekend and I've been geeked ever since. While I was there I rekindled the flame with some products I already know and love and got acquainted with some new 'friends'. Below are a few of my favorite things from The Make-Up Show (I'm sure as the week goes on, I will come up with more things to add to the Favorite Things list) and some new things I'm jonesing for...I haven't had a jones in a minute...


The place where I rekindled flames with 'friends' of the past
and got acquainted with new 'friends'. FYI: 'Friends' = PRODUCTS
Loving my purchase from Big Girl Cosmetics...
not only are the products great, the story behind the
business is amazing and the owner is so kind! Will
be doing a solo-feature on this brand...

The Fan Brush: You'll be amazed with what you can
do with this creepy lookin lil brush!

Never was a big fan of glitter make-up, but after
going to The Make-Up Show I'm a BELIEVER
when it comes to glitter...don't worry...I won't
be running around the city lookin like a disco ball.

For all my shiny forehead divas...THIS. RIGHT. HERE. DIVAS.
THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED! Touch-Up Matte Finishing Anti-Shine Gel Treatment
by Mehron is AMAZING! For once in my life I went home after work NOT looking like
the BP oil spill took place on my face! LOVE this product and will be using it on all
of my clients!

Hello Old Friend...So glad to see you in

I'm JONESING for one of these shirts from up and coming
designer, Kristian Perkins of LBL Couture...solo feature on the
blog is coming soon! PS: Go 'LIKE' her FB Fan'll be glad you did!