Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Olsen Twins and the $55,000 Handbag...

Hey Lovies!

I really think the Olsen Twins have lost it. Check out this $55,000.00 (yes, I said $55,000.00...go ahead...'Dora Blink' and read again) handbag created by Damien Hirst. There will only be 12 of these available, so hurry up and cash in your 401k so you can snatch this bag up.

For those of you that really care, the bag is made of black patent Nile Crocodile skin (go ahead, call PETA if you must) and covered in what seems to look like prescription pills (I hope this is not in homage to Mary Kate's alleged addiction to pills, old creepy men and other random things).

This bag is CRAY! Check it out!

Ciao lovies and see ya at the TOP!