Saturday, October 2, 2010

Juicy Got Ya Crazy

Do you want to have juicier lips, but not so sure how to achieve the look? Well, I have some tips for you that will help you get the juiciest lips on the block.

First things first, before you start doing anything to your lips you must PREPARE them. To prepare your lips, you can use an exfoliant, moisturizing or protecting balm. Exfoliants, moisturizers and balms smooth the lips over, eliminating wrinkles thus making them ready to be made up. A great exfoliant for your lips is Yves St. Laurent's Balm Nourissant. The Yves St. Laurent exfoliant not only moisturizes the lips, it removes small bits of skin that make lips appear healthier and ready to be made up.

To make your lip gloss and/or lipstick last a little longer try applying concealer, foundation or face powder over the lips to last longer. The use of concealer, foundation or face powder on the lips allows the lipstick/gloss to stick a little longer.

Lipliner completes to look! When selecting your lipliner, select a liner that is close in color to the tone of the lipstick or gloss chosen. When lining your lips, make sure you follow the natural shape of your lips. If you make an error when lining the lip, correct it by blending the line with your fingertips towards the center of the lips and filling in the center with lipliner. AND...Voila! You have it, JUICY lips!