Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dress Right For Your Type...

New season, new you, but is that style right for you? As diva fashionistas, we ALWAYS want to be up on the trends before they happen. Sometimes our unwilling desire to be trendy leads to FASHION DISASTERS or FASHION "Hell-No's" as I so affectionately call them.

Failing to dress right for you type not only makes the fashionista angels up above weep; it makes your friends in the diva fashionista sisterhood disappointed, and it kills your fashion credibility.

In an attempt to help all diva fashionistas keep their fashion street credibility up to par, I am going to tell you how to dress right for your type.

There are five body types and all women fall into one or more of the categories. The categories are curvy, wide hips, top heavy, straight up and down (boyish), and plus. Like I said before, every woman falls into one of more the of these categories, so it makes it even more important to dress right for your body type, whatever that may be at the given time.

The first type is CURVY. When you think of a curvy body, think Kim Kardashian, Beyonce; little in the middle but they got MUCH back!

Curvy ladies should stick to styles that skim, NOT cling to their hour glass proportions. Any items that are bright colored and have ruching probably are not the best fit for curvy sistas.

Curvy sistas should stick to v-neck blouses, sheath dresses, structured blazers, boot cut jeans, slim shirts, and capped sleeve dresses.

Curvy sistas should also rely on Spanx or some sort of support undergarment.  These undergarments pull everything together and keep everything in place and CURV-A-LICIOUS!

If you're a curvy sista, try these suggestions and you're sure to be a head turner.

Visit us again to read about appropriate clothing for our diva, fashionista sistas blessed with the birthing hips a.k.a. wide hips!